Hello friends! How are you doing? How was your weekend?

My brother in law and sister in law from Ottawa, Ontario visited us from Wednesday afternoon through Sunday morning. We haven't seen them since September 2019 and we were grateful they drove down here to visit us after visiting my mother in law.

On Thursday, we took them to the Phipps Conservatory. (I know I was there just last Sunday!) My husband and I enjoyed the second pass through the greenhouses. 

On Friday morning we went to the Strip district and walked around dropping into some stores then having lunch at a local pizza shop. On Saturday, we visited the Carnegie Science Center so they could see the miniature train display. Each day we went out for lunch and then I cooked dinner at home. The weather was spectacular so dinner was outside on the patio. We had the best time ever. 

We did lots and lots of talking, laughing and catching up. I did little to no knitting! 

How was your weekend?


  1. It sounds like a lovely visit, with plenty of time for seeing things, doing things, and just plain catching up!

  2. My weekend involved a Tall Ship! I am so glad C&M live close (well...they will be back locally in January), but I sure do miss the days they lived in Pittsburgh! I love the Strip District.

  3. Sounds wonderful and can you ever really go to Phipps too much? There would ALWAYS be something new to see.

  4. Oh how nice! I used to live in Ottawa! A beautiful city!

  5. that sounds like a lovely weekend! and wow - the street art! my mom passed along a newspaper article (real paper!) this weekend featuring the street art in Sara's neighborhood. A few of the pieces are new-to-me and I need to make a plan to see them the next time I see her. Happy Monday!

  6. How nice to see your in-laws and catch up. The Phipps sounds like a beautiful place to visit frequently. The street art is so interesting. I'm glad you had the time together.

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