Hello! How was your weekend? Mine is still going strong since today is a national holiday. Over the weekend I finished the baby sweater and hat knitting (yay!) and started a little baby blanket. We are hosting a baby shower in less than two weeks and maybe, just maybe I'll reach my knitting goals.

I'm over half way with the Agatha Christie book which is interesting. It's funny how some of the content is dated and doesn't reflect the current times. Overall it's an enjoyable book.

On Saturday, we went to a garden center to buy more flowers for the front beds. Of course we are with the challenge of buying deer resistant plants. Those pesky creatures love to snip off fresh growth or blossoms. Grr. 

Sunday was relaxing and today I hope to do the same. Lots of knitting and reading. I'll try to get my walk in before the day heats up!


  1. Good luck with the deer (I almost always lose in battles with them) and your baby knitting!

  2. Hi Karen. Looks like a nice weekend. I love that pale pink baby blanket. Glad you have found a book you are enjoying. Good luck with the planting and gardening. Have a good Memorial Day.

  3. Have a good holiday. It looks like nice weather around here.

  4. Good luck with the deer battles... sigh. But that baby knitting! Too cute!

  5. Glad you had such a relaxing weekend. Your baby knitting is so nice. We have discovered that the deer (at least the ones we have here) do not bother snapdragons!

  6. I was back at the lake today, so it feels like my long weekend is extending into the week! Love the peek at the pink baby blanket - that's a LOT of seed stitch!

  7. What a pretty pale pink blanket. The delicate color is just right for a new granddaughter.


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