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Good morning! How are you during this warmer than usual week? Today will be 90 degrees, oh my!
I am trying to ignore the hot as best as I can. 

Frodo and I sit outside on the back patio for little bits until one of us is too hot. It's a system! I've been working on that little blanket (final knit for now) for the granddaughter-to-be and hopefully will finish it tomorrow or definitely Sunday. I do not have enough yarn, so the blanket will be the size that it ends up!

This week I've watched my ONE peony blossom do its magic. Every morning I check the status, always amazed at the beauty of it all. My sister just gave us more peonies to plant and every morning when they are watered I send lots of well wishes and hopefulness that the transplants take hold during this hot week.

Easing back into a consistent art habit has been bumpy but I've found that being lenient on myself helps. I just do what is inspiring me. The other day was a doodle page with ONE bold fine line marker. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned and there's room for wonder and flower studies.


  1. You may only have one peony blossom but it's beautiful!

  2. A Gorgeous Bloom! I hope to find pockets for stitching, knitting, reading and napping. I still feel as though I am catching up after this busy, busy work week.

  3. Thankfully, the really hot day is only supposed to be ONE! Then it will be a bit more seasonable and good for drawing outside again.

    Have a great weekend. You peony is fabulous.

  4. We're having a hot weekend too. Love the flowers, both natural and drawn. What a beautiful peony bloom!

  5. I love peonies and I am now waiting for my own bush to blossom. We are cooler and wetter than usual here, in fact today it was down right chilly this morning. I hope you have a lovely weekend. I love your drawings of flowers!

  6. Peonies are one of my favorites! I had one at our old house and need to get some here.

  7. Ninety, wow! It's been in the high forties here at night lately... Your peony will prosper, and I'll bet next year you will have more blossoms.


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