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Yesterday the air quality was horrible so we decided to have an indoor date. We first went to our favorite place for lunch for a quick bite then went to the Carnegie Museum of Art for the Joan Brown exhibit

The paintings were fantastic to see in person! I felt very lucky to live near a city and to have a yearly membership to a group of museums that not only have a wonderful permanent collections but also have exhibits throughout the year that change. 

Today the air has improved slightly but not enough for my daily walks to resume. I miss them. Frodo and I get out and about, to clean the cobwebs out of our minds. My daily walks are for physical and mental fitness. Hopefully tomorrow will be a great outdoor day. 

I picked up a sweater that I started back in March and continually wonder if I have enough yarn (I doubt it) and wonder if I can creatively add another color (that is to be determined). I guess right now I am going to knit through the second skein of five skeins and see where I am with the progress. You know I love a game of yarn chicken and the not knowing is part of the game!


  1. I totally get the wanting one's outdoor walks! me too!

  2. I'm with you on wishing the smokiness would go away so I could just simply take a walk. Your adventure sounds like a good one, in any case!

  3. Love the photo behind you with the dancing skeleton.

  4. Sounds like you made some good choices! Hope your air gets much better soon.

  5. I love that painting with the big fish and the cat! I'm also wishing for clearer skies so I can take a walk and hang out laundry. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  6. What a wonderful exhibit. Missing outdoor walks is a real thing for me too. I hope your skies clear soon.

  7. Looks like a fabulous exhibit. I did walk yesterday and it was good to get out.


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