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I continue to work on the hitchhiker shawl, mostly in the evenings while watching some TV shows. I have around 35 teeth already completed. Luckily for me, I have a second skein to get to the 41 teeth goal or maybe beyond? I'm thinking of making yet another one after I did through my yarn stash. This might be the summer of hitchhiker shawls. Something easy and portable. 

What are you working on this week?


  1. The colors in this one are lovely and Hitchhikers are definitely easy and portable. Enjoy!

  2. those colors are gorgeous!
    love & magicks

  3. Beautiful knitting! I do so love a nice Hitchhiker! Enjoy!

  4. Such pretty colors in this one Karen. UYou've stepped ahead of me - I think I am only at 23 or 25 teeth so far. Slow and steady...

  5. That sure is going to be a pretty shawl, and I love the yarn which is my very most favorite color! Now I'm inspired to knit this pattern as well. Thanks!

  6. I'm powering through second sock syndrome and working on the second A Little Hocus Pocus sock. I've had to frog it back to the ribbing TWICE. (This is not a knit with friends pattern, obviously.)

    Reading: Nothing yet. Hoping to dig into a book tonight after chores are done.

  7. I think a summer of Hitchhikers would be lovely (and I love that our resident Hitchhiker Queen Bonny was first to comment!) ... especially if you can use up some stash in the process. I'm slowly knitting a sweater (body done, sleeve #1 nearly done ... still a ways to go) and more enthralled with my books and a quilting project, so it's likely the sweater will take a while longer.

  8. I keep toying with doing a Hitchhiker...

  9. A summer of hitchhikers sounds grand. This one is very pretty. Summer is all about the easy and portable.


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