Rosy Posy Shawl

 I completed this shawl yesterday afternoon and remembered to photographed it. I enjoyed this knit because of the ease of memorizing the pattern and the repetitiveness of the rows. This kind of knitting is meditative and therapeutic for me, also I can watch a TV show without too many errors.

The yarn, Knit Picks Chroma was a bit splitty since it is a single ply yarn but the beautiful color changes make up for that flaw. I have started another hitchhiker and can't wait to see how this one turns out as well.

What are you working on this week?


  1. Beautiful finish! I, too, am working on a Hitchhiker. Mine is green. You are right - the pattern is very meditative. For me, though, that means it is easy to close my eyes and almost doze off which is not a good thing to do when I am knitting! LOL Looking forward to seeing your next one.

  2. Another lovely Hitchhiker! It is an easily memorized, meditative pattern that can border on boring if you're not careful like Vera mentions above! I hope to finish my current one this week and I'm winding yarn today for some sparkly knitting!

  3. Very pretty shawl. Socks are my jam right now. Too darn hot for anything heavier. But, I really like watching socks 'appear' as I knit along.

  4. I love how those colors played out. That is a very beautiful Hitchhiker.

  5. it's beautiful. i love the colors. i just found the pattern for a shawl i started last year (or maybe the year before) that's been sitting in my knitting bag. you've inspired me to start back up on it. :-)
    love & magicks

  6. such a pretty shawl! I can't remember the last time I had a knitting FO to share ... maybe soon?!

  7. What a beautiful finish. Knitting a hitchhiker is very peaceful. I'm doing a little hand stitching that combines applique and embroidery and I cast on a new cowl.

  8. Wow! I love it and the yarn you chose! Nice work.


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