Animal Mayhem


This has been a good week, I've been able to walk most days and I try my best to get outside before it's too hot for both me and dear old Frodo. I'll take him for his short jaunt around the neighborhood then I go back out after taking him home for my longer walk. This walking rhythm is nice. 

How are you? 

Two days ago, Holly decided to be a mischievous cat and taunt her friend (nemesis). She first hid behind the drapery getting a 'look see' on sleeping Frodo. I love the concern in her eyes. Then she decided to move around behind the couch, she made sure that when he smelled her presence she was visible but out of reach. That is the game.

He cannot hear but boy oh boy can he catch her scent and see pretty good. There was barking and hissing. Frodo was so happy! And you know what? Holly was happy as well. She is the one who started the game and she had opportunities to leave the family room and chose not to leave. My husband and I gave up trying to watch TV because of those two pesky animals.

Speaking of animals, I've been sketching more and thoroughly enjoying the art of showing up!


  1. Animals! Sounds like they really enjoy "playing" together. Love your owl sketches - very nice!

  2. You have captured the personality of those owls perfectly. When I was little my granddad had a barn with a barn owl. When it stared you down, it looked just like your drawing.

  3. Aww! Those two! (and I love your sketches!)

  4. I love the photo of Holly! I'm glad they are playing and having fun. Your owls look lovely!

  5. O, Holly ! What a cute photo ! Your owl sketches look amazing !

  6. Your artwork is getting better if that is possible. You have a good eye. The back and forth between your pets is always so cute!

  7. Lol.. just like siblings. Lovely sketches.


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