Dull Days Please


Since my husband's bike fall last Sunday, the beginning of the week was busy. We had our furnace and AC replaced (by choice) and had workers here Monday and Tuesday. We also had appointments with specialists for my husband's forearm because there was still a tiny stone inside (!). For now they want to leave it in there, I guess it's more trouble to cut in again. They are the experts right?

He's doing really well and we continue to keep a close eye on the stitches as it heals. 

The little cross stitch birth sampler is 3/4ths of the way completed. I am so excited. We've got a month to go before our granddaughter is born near the end of August. Our grandson is growing fast as well, I can't wait to see him too.

I continue to read most of the afternoons outside on the back patio. We have no big plans for the weekend which suits me after the bike fall weekend. Give me all the boring dull days please.

I'm doing my best to not wish the summer away, it's my least favorite season. However, I heard the cicadas and there are some leaves falling. Little sprinkles of hope from Mother Nature.


  1. Frodo on alert!!! That is such a sweet sampler for your granddaughter. Very pretty. Hope your husband's arm heals well and quickly. Boring days are the best when it's as humid as it has been. Fletch heard a cicada the other day and I noticed a few colored leaves on the ground when I walked!!

  2. That is a cute sampler, Karen! I am sending healing thoughts to your husband and hope that stone works it's way out soon and it heals! Your painting is just so fun as well!

  3. Funny that you mention the cicadas. I noticed them for the first time this week. In Orlando they also were a harbinger of hot weather. We called them the summer bugs.

  4. Nice water coloring. That sampler is precious. What a great gift for the baby. Frodo looks like he spied something in your yard. What a great photo of him. I hope the rock in your husband's boo boo does not cause any issues. May your coming weekend be dull!

  5. That will be such a sweet sampler for your granddaughter. I send good thoughts for your husband's arm. Here's to some ordinary days. August is my least favorite month but our July has been quite temperate. That is about to change next week but for now I'm soaking up these glorious summer days.

  6. So sorry to read about your husband's fall. I'm behind on my blog reading. Glad to hear that he is healing. I totally understand the need for some dull days. I love the birth announcement that you are stitching. It is exciting awaiting the birth of a new grandchild.

  7. I'm glad to hear that your hvac work is done and your husband is healing. Your sampler is really coming along and I love your watercolor fruit. Here's to some lovely "normal" days!

  8. Lovely fruit study and sampler! I hope he heals up well. I am looking forward to hearing about your new granddaughter. Your grandson is from another parent, right? Enjoy the time with family.


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