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As of last night, I have 22 teeth made and have many many more to go on this hitchhiker shawl. Since July started, I've been slacking off on the daytime knitting and only knitting in the evenings. I've been in a reading mood most afternoons. I do this every year and know that I will be energized to knit more when the autumn season approaches.

What are you working on this week?


  1. Your Hitchhiker is looking good! I don't often knit until the evening also, but by then I'm starting to get tired so I also make more mistakes.

  2. Summer afternoon reading is really the best! I am with you on that! I agree with Bonny though on the mistakes when being tired... so I try and keep a "mindless" knit project for those evenings!

  3. The shawl looks great! Any good reading recommendations? Glad your summer is going well. See you again soon.

  4. Love the color of your latest Hitchhiker. Sometimes the heat and humidity make it difficult to hold yarn and knit. I knit most evenings just after dinner while Fletch and I listen to a book. I've been stitching more during the day (when work cooperates!).

  5. Your Hitchhiker shawl is looking great! I love the yarn color. Enjoy the summer reading.

  6. I just finished a hat that had been driving me nuts. Finally!

  7. I love the hitchhiker. That is a classic design and a relaxing knit. I knit on socks and a very plain garter stitch shawl in the car.


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