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Did you know this is the summer of 'do I have enough yarn for this project?'. I kind of like it because it gives me something to think about and provides an excellent opportunity to go through my yarn stash to solve the possible problem. 

This is the second hitchhiker of the summer and I am 35 ish teeth done (I forget the count). I am going to start another one when this is finished.

What have you been working on this week?


  1. That Hitchhiker looks great with those rows of eyelets. It seems like they are addictive for you also!

  2. That Hitchhiker does look amazing, Karen! They are so addictive... and so fun to knit!

  3. That little pop of robin's egg blue would be perfect if you need to add in a little yarn.

  4. Very pretty and is the blue with the varigated for the next one? Gorgeous together. Such addictive knitting. I just bought and downloaded the Hitch on the Move pattern and now I cannot wait to start!

  5. It looks great and those other yarns would both work very well, I think.

  6. That little pop of blue and the variegated will be so pretty. It is fun to pull out little bits of leftovers from stash and create something. Long garter stitch shawls, scarves are just the best. I'm currently working on one myself.

  7. I do love the pop of blue, too! I finished up a shawl for a friend today and cast on one last summer sweater for myself.

  8. Such nice knitting. Can't wait to see how it turns out!


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