Good morning! 

On Saturday my sister and brother in law invited us for dinner but we did not play any board games this time. They had a busy day and wanted to relax after dinner. My husband has been joining me for walks because he has those stitches in his arm and is restricted in his activities, it's nice to have him along. 

Now that the weather is getting hotter, I walk earlier and earlier to beat the heat. Frodo and I do not like hot and humid weather, but you know that about us already.

I worked on the sweater that probably doesn't have enough yarn, but I do have a pretty good plan that I'm excited about. I'm over half way through the first sleeve, thoroughly enjoying my time knitting. 

On Sunday I attended 7:30 am Mass enjoying the cool church (no AC!!). Once home, I blitzed the laundry chores and tidying up spaces. My husband and I have lunch on the back patio before the day gets too hot. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Pretty cone flowers! Lunch on othe patio sounds delightful. Your sweater is coming along nicely and glad you have a plan in case yarn chicken is involved. I walked yesterday, but I think my legs need a rest today!

  2. Hot and humid weather is yucky. Good thing your early mornings are still pleasant enough to get in a walk. No A/C in a church? The priest must melt in all his priestly garments! Poor man. Your sweater looks like a nice relaxing knit.

  3. Your sweater looks like a good color to throw on over EVERYTHING.

  4. We tried to beat the heat as well this weekend! Those early mornings are such a blessing!

  5. I love going to the early church services here, too.

  6. I know you were wishing for dull days ... and I think your weekend sounds perfect! I did smile at he idea of church without A/C. That sounds delightfully ... like winter here ;-) I've been knitting, knitting, knitting on a shawl for a friend - it needs to go in the mail this week. loving the dull days here, too!

  7. Look at your flower bed. I love cone flowers. I am also walking earlier and earlier. That sweater is going to go with everything.

  8. How nice that you have your husband joining you on your walks. I've been doing early morning walks also to beat the heat. Love the knitting.


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