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Good morning to all of you. How are you doing? Over here we are doing just fine. My knitting has slowed a tiny bit, it seems that my arthritis is having the tiniest of flares so I'm just listening to my body. I believe I am witnessing what could be the ending of summer and the beginning of fall.

I know, I know, there are many of you who love summer and I'm trying to let you all enjoy your favorite season. Sadly summer is my least favorite season and I try my best to enjoy the days. I love to sit on the back patio reading a book or knitting, wearing sandals and short sleeved tee shirts.

On Monday my husband and I picked up some lunch and drove to the near by park to sit and watch the water and the ducks while we picnicked.  This was after a light rain fall so the temperature felt a little chilly sitting in the pavilion (delightful!).

Leaves are starting to drop in my yard and the cicadas are super loud in the middle of the day. On my daily morning walk yesterday I spied acorns (!) on the road. That is the first hard sign of fall approaching. I am ready for another season. This morning I went through my yarns and will set up some project bags using autumnal woolen colors. 


  1. Aww, Holly in a basket! I don't think fall is coming fast enough for me, but I keep hoping!

  2. I am right there with you. I am ready for fall and I'm even seeing little signs of it. There has been just a hint of a cool breeze on the hot days. I also have seen some leaves dropping from the oaks along our street (although I guess that could have been caused by earlier dry conditions, but I'm thinking FALL!)

  3. Our temperatures have cooled down after the summer "heat dome" and I am sure hoping that they stay down and that we can just slide into fall. I am feeling a bit of fall in the air here as well, or maybe it's just that I had to go back to school this week. Either way, I'm with you about the heat of summer. I am looking forward to fall as well. Have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  4. i am very much looking forward to the changing of the leaves and the cooler temps. it has been nice and cool in the mornings here lately. it helps me get my motivation to get my walks done early, before the sun and heat hit the day. i love that yarn color in the last picture. have a great weekend.
    love & magicks

  5. Autumn is coming too early for me but it definitely feels autumnal here.
    Your knitting is gorgeous, love that colour.

  6. Seems this past wk the weather has taken a turn for the cooler temperatures here in upstate NY. Love the color of your yarn!

  7. Holly in the basket is so cute. It is still very hot and humid here.. I am ready for fall.

  8. Holly is adorable. I'm another one ready for Fall! Is that a fingerless mitt? Love the color.


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