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I started wrapping gifts this week and I'm almost done with the task. Yesterday, my husband and I went out for a little shopping and walking around a tiny town nearby. I bought some yarn (from Santa, how does he know what I want??). We had an early lunch at a tiny cafe and I ordered FANCY avocado toast. Honestly it's made me rethink how I make my plain avocado toast at home. I am also surprised at the price I paid for this simple yet delicious food. However, when you eat out you are paying for the luxury of sitting in a dining space to relax and enjoy your food, while people watching. The endless blue skies and sunshine on our outing brought me such joy in my heart. 

My son and his family return to us on Christmas day for almost a week. I'm excited to see the kids again and I hope this visit that no one is ill and I get to sleep.

What brings me comfort and joy:

- the Advent season - Frodo's haircut - easing back into knitting cautiously - avocado toast amplified - detailed to do lists - twinkle lights - buying Christmas gifts for others - lunch out with my husband - Christmas music wherever I go - radio stations that play Christmas music - reading - meeting my new cardiologist and liking him (phew) - the rabbit hole of you-tube - pockets of silence

What are you enjoying this Advent season?


  1. I'm enjoying baking and minimal decorating. I still need to wrap....(and do a little more shopping).

  2. I'm enjoying some peaceful knitting by the light of decorations at night, and maybe some baking today. I hope you finish wrapping and have a lovely weekend!

  3. I am enjoying the music as well! And no snow... it makes walking so much easier. (a much younger version of myself would never have said that... but here we are!)

  4. Your outing with your husband sounds wonderful, Karen. Do tell, what did the cafe do to elevate the humble avocado toast? I think I may need some. I enjoyed reading your list of things that bring you comfort and joy... for me, it's just spending more time in the Bible and not rushing around to and fro. Have a wonderful weekend, Karen. xx

  5. Frodo's little turned over ears gave me enjoyment this afternoon.

  6. Your thoughtful list brings me joy. Today I spent a wonderful few hours with my sister and brother-in-law and their three year old grandson. Those moments brought me comfort and joy. Tomorrow I will bake some cookies which is one of my favorite holiday traditions. Otherwise knitting, spinning ( when I can fit it in) and thoughtful reading bring me comfort.

  7. Such a lovely and happy post Karen. Frodo is quite handsome with his fresh haircut. I’m so happy that your kids will be with you at Christmas. I’m enjoying the coolness of the weather so I can wear my handknits, the quiet (isle can be soothing at times) and my knitting.


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