Accepting Reality


Good morning! How is your January going so far? 

I am getting better but not fast enough for my liking. I need to work on that state of mind, I meditate daily but need to accept my reality. Yesterday,  my iphone alerted me that I am not as active as I usually am. Boy did I get angry at my phone. Doesn't it know I'm ill? (I did change the settings so that the phone doesn't alert me to any 'trends' in exercising and minds its own business). Part of the reason I took it so personally is because I am itching to get back to my exercise routine, I miss it so!! My plan is for Monday morning easing back as long as I feel up to it.

We are supposed to get snow, my husband is hoping it's a little bit and I am hoping it's many inches. He had his summer season of glory, I need to have my own season.

My physical body might be in recovery mode but my creativity is bursting. I have cast on a new shawl will that color changing yarn in the photo above. Frodo approves of the project.  I have yet to create a project page on Ravelry, hopefully soon.

Yesterday I started a baby blanket for a baby to be that is due at the end of March. I do love a mindless baby blanket. 

Besides knitting I've been reading a lot while resting on the sofa. This morning I snapped a photo of the moon, so beautiful!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon, Karen!

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon, and I'm looking forward to seeing that yarn in action!

  3. Phones and alerts! Grrrr! I've changed a few settings on mine of late, too. I'm excited to watch the progress of the shawl because that yarn is beautiful! I need to start on a baby blanket too...not because I know of anyone who is having a baby, but I do like to keep them done up ahead of time so when someone does have one I already have a gift. Have an awesome weekend, Karen. xx

  4. Beautiful yarn for a shawl. What pattern? And what a pretty picture of the moon. I sure hope you are feeling better. I've been itching to get out and walk (bundle up and enjoy the chilly air), but this cold I am battling has kept me inside. Now I have the cough and sore throat....grrrrrr.

  5. Such a beautiful yarn for a shawl and Frodo definitely has good taste. Feel better soon and fingers crossed that you get lots of snow ☺️

  6. Feel better soon!! Can't wait to see what happens to that pretty yarn! I am so much better at casting on than casting off! You are a great model because you finish stuff in a timely fashion.

  7. I am glad you are letting your body rest. Just the other day I came home from work knowing what I should do and I had a lot to do. My Christmas decorations are still up. My table was a mess. The floor needed vacumming (and it still does).....but, I decided to watch "Call the Midwife" and work on my puzzle. I am so glad I did. The world is not going to end because I took a break from chores. After all, I am retired, but I got up at 5:00 and went to my part time teaching job. My word is WELLNESS. I think this is what I needed to feel the word. Don't rush your recovery.....You will get there. :-)

  8. Hi Karen. You are so wise to rest and let your body heal at its own rate. The colorful yarn is beautiful and I am assuming is for the baby blanket. Lucky baby. I hope you have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  9. It is smart to listen to your body and rest. The yarn is very pretty. The bright yarn is a perfect contrast to January days. Take good care.

  10. Hope you feel better soon Karen and get back to it.
    That yarn is gorgeous. Can't wait to see how the shawl turns out.

  11. Missed you today. Praying that all is okay.

  12. I hate that phones "know" so much! The data collected, always makes me feel bad. For my mental health, i need breaks from technology. Love the photo of the moon and your tree!


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