Spring Fling


Spring has sprung around here! I take such great delight on my walks, drinking in the spring views and listening to all the birds. Sometimes I know who is singing and sometimes I have no clue and use the Merlin app to identify my mysterious bird singer.

We had some work done at our house this week. At the beginning of the week, we had the plumber come to do some jobs around the house and install a new water heater. Ours was still working but it was aging and we wanted to replace it before it broke down. Yesterday, we had the concrete leveled for the back patio and for the front walkway. Nothing terribly exciting but necessary.

I love spring because I see neighbors outside working in their gardens and it's nice to say 'hello' and catch up with each other. Yesterday was a beautiful knitting day. I worked on the scarf and the socks. What could be better than that? Probably starting yet another project but I didn't.

My wrists have been behaving and I continue to be mindful of the amount of time I knit, what I knit and to take the necessary breaks for maximum joint health.


  1. I do so love the springing spring! It is here too... and yes, it is nice to catch up with neighbors as the ones with lovely yards are all out working in them!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. We've all been out in our yards working here, too! It's gotten a lot chillier but I now spring's warmth will return.

  3. Beautiful daffodils! Love your cup, and knitting project 😊

  4. I know it sounds crazy, but they are digging up the road outside our house and it makes me so happy. In a week or so we will have a smooth new "highway" and our house will be SO, SO, SO much quieter. I can't wait. THAT'S what I'm doing this weekend. I'm watching the roadway get done.

  5. Beautiful flowers & mug, I love the words. Since we've moved to a cul-de-sac we get to chat to neighbours. Our last house was good whilst busy with the boys eg walking to school. Later when they took themselves or on the bus to school, I felt lonely. There were less activities for them in the village and i worked more hours. One neighbour was always abroad, the other side is a road. The guy over the road wasn't so convenient for a chat.

  6. Spring unfolds here as well and how nice it is to be retired and have the time to watch. Your daffodils are so pretty. Around here, I'm enjoying all the tulips in bloom and the lilacs are opening up as well.

  7. Spring in PA is awesome. So many flowers and not just in the ground but on trees and bushes too. Enjoy your season.

  8. Spring flowers are wonderful here in Western New York also. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Great progress on the sock.

  9. It has been cold and rainy here. I haven't gotten to enjoy Sping much yet. I love your flowers.


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