Good morning! How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty good! Whatever allergy thing I was was suffering with for almost a week seems to be almost over. However, when I take Frodo for a walk this morning, I'm sure it will start all over again.

We didn't do much this weekend. He worked on the finishing touches of the deck flooring and I did a lot of laundry and started to clean the house. Today I'll finish up what I didn't get done yesterday. Even though it rained over the weekend, I rather enjoyed it.

My sister and I went out to a farmer's market on Saturday morning. We bought 'salad turnips' which tasted really good! She's going to grow some in her garden this year because of our adventurous purchase. I do love new things to put in a salad.

My knitting remains the same: a pair of socks for my husband and a lace scarf. Both are doing okay.

Sunday morning we went to Mass and had taco salad for dinner.

How was your weekend?


  1. What a pretty tree! I love turnips (hard them as a kid), but I've never heard of salad turnips. I bet they are delish!! My weekend was a good mix of some chores, some knitting, some reading, some stitching and seeing family.

    1. Once again, forgot to include my name....

  2. I'm not familiar with salad turnips but they do sound interesting! Those trees are lovely and fingers crossed that your allergies are decreasing.

  3. It seems that we are all suffering from either allergies or colds. I can't decide what mine is as I feel fine during the day, but not in the morning or at night. Your blooming trees are very pretty. I have never heard of salad turnips. Our weekend was cool, cloudy and rainy. Good for indoor pursuits.

  4. Are salad turnips different from turnips? That tree photo is so pretty. Yum, taco salad. One of our favorites

  5. I'm so glad you had an enjoyable weekend, Karen. Your pictures are beautiful. Is the last picture a Bleeding Heart or is it Solomon's Seal? I can't quite tell.

  6. Oh my allergies have been awful as well.. just finally started to get better.
    Didn't know there were salad turnips.. are they smaller in size?

  7. I've never heard of salad turnips but now I am curious. The tree is beautiful. Quiet weekend around here, I was in recovery mode.


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