Ancient yarns

I thought I would squeeze in a tiny posting today.  Tomorrow we have weekend company arriving and I am sure come Monday I will be in a massive clean the house state of mind.  I really am caught up on what needed to be finished for the company.  I like to do a little bit each day rather than everything all in one day.  So I made a list about a week or so ago and I have been crossing each task off.  I feel quite accomplished at the moment :)

Anyways, I have finished two Christmas presents!!  I decided to make two hats for an uncle and a dear "adopted" father-in-law.  The pattern is called Seaman's Cap. It is a wonderful pattern that knits up very quickly.  I decided to use an acrylic/wool blend from the bottom of the stash.  The yarn is ancient.....20 years old?  What is sad is that I bought it so that definitely ages me. Thankfully tweed yarn seems to stay in style.

I also started on a scarf for another adopted family member.  I wanted a skinny worsted weight scarf and ended up creating my own pattern.  I have used the waffle stitch patten with seed stitch borders.  I am liking it so far.  Originally I was going to do a lace pattern with garter stitch and I just did not liked the way it looked so I ripped it out.  


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