Saddle Shoulder Love

Gosh, I just love saddle shoulder shaping.  I am on the home stretch of the Seamless Hybrid Sweater.  I have finished one shoulder and I'm half way through the second shoulder.  I have been used Elizabeth Zimmermann's book Knitting without Tears.  When I first started this sweater I read the directions for the seamless hybrid shaping and had a very vague idea of what to do.  So I casted on and decided I will figure it out later.  Well later came a couple of days ago and when you have the actual knitting project right in front of you, it becomes easy as pie.  The hardest part is the math involved, simple though it may be.  I also decided to do the shirt yoke shoulder for the back.  This makes the neck opening slightly more towards the front.  Here is a photo of the back:

Here is a picture of the front:

And here is a picture of the raglan shaping:


  1. I think I'm as excited to see this finished as you are to get it done, Karen! Can't wait!

  2. I am excited and really hope it fits him. So it definitely is a mixture of feelings ;)

  3. I love how that is turning out! Super neat to see it take shape so clearly.


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