The Sweater Fits

So, I finished this sweater for my son two days ago.  I did not bury any threads because I was thinking that maybe it will not fit in the shoulders.  I do not know what this was my worry for the weekend.  DS was out of town for a band festival and was not coming home until Saturday.  So once we went to the concert, which was very nice and since my son is a senior in high school this is the very last ever band festival concert.....ever.  No more spending 1-2 hours driving in a car to some high school that is hosting the festival. We have been going to music festivals for seven years since our daughter was in band as well.  Oh yeah, so once we went to the concert and listened and drove back home, he HAD to try on the sweater!  He thinks I am crazy.  The shoulders did fit.  I just had to take back the neckband three or four rows and cast off again because he wanted a very short neckline.


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