So yesterday I was thinking I want to knit a sweater for me.  I have about four or five hand knitted ones that I wear frequently that are at a finer gauge.  I have not worn a worsted weight cardigan for quite some time.  I cannot say why, I guess I am not in the mood?  We are probably going to have cold weather at least one more month. That is a perfect excuse to make a sweater.  In my stash I have this lovely cashmere fingering weight yarn that I am itching to knit up.  

I went on Ravelry to search for a pattern and boy did I find a really pretty one!  Mountain View Cardigan looks so elegant.  Today I balled up the yarn.  Now to start a swatch gauge and hope that I can keep my dream of pairing this yarn with this pattern.  Tune in.......


  1. What a lovely pattern for a sweater. And made with this yarn it will look fabulous. I will tune in again...

  2. The back of the sweater is amazing! Did you decide to make it?

  3. I sure did! I will post about it very soon :)


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