Yarn Along and a Sock

It is Wednesday again and Ginny's blog--Small Things-- is hosting a yarn along.  It is a wonderful way to see what everyone is working on and what they are reading.

I am still reading the same book, The Forgotten Garden, and the plot gets better and better.  Maybe, just maybe I will finish this book before next Wednesday.  I am working on a pair of simple plain socks for my husband.  The pattern is my own loosely based on an old Stahl knitting pattern.  I think I could knit this sock pattern in my sleep.


  1. Great yarn! I'm a sock knitter, too, and love easy memorized patterns. I actually do knit in my sleep....lol.

  2. Lovely sock yarn! I still haven't tackled socks...so many knitting adventures yet untasted!

  3. I really like that yarn! Very nice. I have that book from the library, but I haven't started it yet. I think I will have to return it before I get the chance to read it ...

  4. Great colour!
    I have that book on my to read list :)

  5. The blue is awesome, that's the shade of the water under our bridges down here right now...


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