Yarn Along~Groundhog Day

I cannot believe it is February!  Time flies as I get older.  I do not know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but I am trying to enjoy each and every day.  I am still reading the same book.  I am a very slow reader, I also only read right before bed and I frequently fall asleep.  I finished the Calendar Scarf and you can check out some of the pictures in previous posts.  I started the Citron Scarf with my sister in Pittsburgh.  I continue to work on the sleeve of the Seamless Hybrid sweater for my son.

Check our Ginny's Blog-Small Things and see what everyone else is knitting this week!


  1. I'm a slow reader these years too, I used to zoom right through books. I think I absorb more now though. The knitting is going to be lovely, I think I have that same green yarn!

  2. i have that very book in the to-read pile. maybe soon ;-) love that green yarn!

  3. The green is just like the first leaves of spring!

  4. Love the green yarn! scarfs are so much fun to knit.

  5. I'm a slow reader, too and evidently a slow knitter, too...lol. I love all your knitting projects. You're very talented especially your lace. Love it!


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