It Might Be Love

......for a yarn, that is.  This yarn is Araucania Trauco Cashmere and it is very soft.  I really love it.  Now I have not had the opportunity to wash it or wear it repeatedly, so my opinion could change.  So far it is lovely to work with.

This is my cardigan that I am working on:

The pattern is Mountain View Cardigan and here is a link to my project page for this sweater.  I decided to work the front pieces along with the back.  I decided to not write anything down so I am flipping the instruction frequently to make sure I did not miss anything.  Because I do not have the required yarn amount, I have trimmed two inches off the length.  I hope this is going to work out okay.  I have been known to knit with very little amounts of yarn and wonder whether I have enough.  I think it makes life exciting :)


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