Sunny and Bright

Okay technically we are not even close to spring.  But it did feel very springlike on my walk today with Frodo.  I am getting quite skillful at taking photos while restraining a dog.  I am lucky the dog is only 14 pounds.  My exertion is minimal, right?

Here are the simple socks that I knit for my husband.  Cascade Heritage Paints sock yarn is simply the best.  I bought this skein while visiting my sister last last year.  I will definitely be buying more of this brand.  I did make a pair for my son and so far the socks are holding up quite well to the machine washing.  I am also proud to report that I have not accidentally tossed them into the dryer........yet.  It has happened in the past no matter how mindful I think I am.


  1. Mia is only 7 pounds and she's still a handful! Good weather makes everything tons better, doesn't it?


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