Am I There yet?

I have only ten to twenty rows left to the armhole shaping on my Valley Cardigan and yet it is taking forever.  Maybe if I did not have two other projects that take my knitting time away from this project, I would already be there-to the arm hole shaping that is.  I remember when my kids would ask "are we there yet?" when travelling to visit relatives.  The car ride was long for them (and for me!).  So this weekend I am going to get there, I am going to knit my last twenty rows and divide for the fronts and the back.  


  1. The color of that cardi is GORGEOUS!!! And, boy do I know that "are we there yet" feeling when it comes to knitting :-) I like to think of myself as a "process" knitter, but sometimes I just can't wait to see the finished result.

  2. I tried to finish my shawl last night, after midnight, because of the same "are we there yet" feeling ... And kept losing stitches while knitting a relatively simple bind-off! So I went to bed and finished it this afternoon instead. :)

  3. I have been working on my cardi and saying the same thing. I am just trying to get to the sleeves and it's taking forever. I really do detest the yarn I'm using so that is a big part of the problem.
    Have a wonderful, happy filled weekend.


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