Getting There

I did finish the increases of the body of the Valley Cardigan (finally).  I am now on the back armhole shaping and as I decrease every other row, it goes a little faster :)  I am thinking that I will have enough yarn for the sweater.  I still consider changing the sleeve cuffs of the design.  I might just want a simple sleeves. I have not completely decided and have a way to go before I do.

Here is a picture of spring in my yard:

I have two lilac bushes that the deer love to nibble on so they are quite lopsided.  However, even though they get a thorough trim, they continue to grow thrive and blossom!  


  1. Your knitting is just so lovely. I hope one day to knit that well. Have a wonderful, joyfilled weekend.

  2. It's *beautiful*! I love the color and the pattern. Whatever you decide to do with the sleeves, it will be perfect.

    It's so good to see green growing things again, especially flowers :-) I love May. And lilacs--is there any sweeter fragrance? When I was a little girl Avon used to make a "solid" lilac perfume (my mom had some) and I loved it.

  3. we had our first day of sunshine in 4 months today - no kidding!

    it was glorious ~ I love your spring pics of where you live and also the progress on your lovely sweater

    happy spring, Swanski ;)


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