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Well as you can see I am still reading the same book(s).  The Help is really really really good, I wish I read more during the day so I can finish it.  But those snippets of time are for knitting.  I am also slowly reading The Dirty Life.  I read barely a page this week so it is pretty much idle.

I have made a lot of progress on my swallowtail shawl.  I only have about 10 more rows and then I can cast off.  I have really enjoyed this pattern and would like to knit it again with 100% wool.  Right now I am using alpaca/silk blend and it is quite "slinky".  I drop stitches frequently which means I am fixing it almost every time I pick it up.

My other project is the valley cardigan.  I just need TWO sleeves--that is it.  Oh and a little bit of the neckline.  Wouldn't it be great to have it done in a week???  I think I will try very hard to focus on this goal.  I would love to have it out of my knitting bag :)

I would love to hear what you are knitting and reading!  If you want to see what other's are doing, go on over to Ginny's blog~Small Things!!


  1. wow! the valley cardigan is gorgeous! absolutely love it!

  2. How exciting to being close to finishing the cardigan. You can do it!
    PS- I really would love it if you would drink an extra cup of coffee for me this morning...I could use it. Thanks.

  3. Love the colours of the wool, it's coming along nicely :) I'm reading Be happy, it has a quote for everyday :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. You're getting so close on that beautiful cardigan! Look forward to seeing it finished next week...perhaps?? Happy knitting!

  5. Can't wait to see the finished results of both projects.

  6. Your knitting is so pretty. Did you make that bookmark? It's awesome!
    Ang (Peach Coglo)

  7. How exciting about your shawl, dropped stitches and all! The cardigan is looking lovely too. Glad you are liking the book. I enjoyed it when I read it, but must confess, I read it quickly, but paid for it in staying up late. Jacinta

  8. can't wait to see them done! I loved The Help!

  9. i loved both the help and the dirty life - glad to see another knitter out there with good taste in books :)


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