One More Time

Quite a while ago I decided to make another featherweight cardigan after making this one and casted on after we got home from Cape May.  I really liked the blue one I made but......I wanted it to be in a smaller gauge and a smaller size.  I used size five needles and now this one is down to size four needles.  I know, I was crazy to start another cardigan in a smaller gauge but I just love the look and drape of tiny tiny stitch gauges and I never learn my lesson  

The yarn is Madelinetosh lace which is perfect for summertime knitting.  It is light weight and can be jammed into a knitting bag or purse.  The color in these photos taken at the crack of dawn (read that as poor lighting) it looks light brown.  Do not let it fool you, in certain lighting it looks greenish brown.  I like it either way because it will match about 90% of my clothing. 

What could possibly be better than miles of stockinette stitch and mindless knitting to entertain me while await fall?  I am sure I will think up an interesting button band design when the time comes. Just think I will have one more clothing option in September!!


  1. I think you are a woman who plans for her future. You'll be turning heads next fall while the rest of us are knitting and shivering, nothing to wear... :(

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. It looks beautiful already. I hear MT is addictive. I want to try it but I am afraid.;-)

  3. I am loving your cardi and now I want to cast one on too! I like the look of the stitches on the smaller needles. As soon as I'm 100% I think I'll be visiting the LYS.xx

  4. I think you are brave, brave, brave but it sure is beautiful!


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