Whirligig Shrug

The only thing that would make this shrug better is to have a 6 month old baby to model it!  Seriously, this pattern was quick and fun to knit.  The pattern's description indicated  that the shrug is difficult for the baby/toddler to take off which to me is an added benefit.

I decided to use cotton and overall I am pleased with the results.  I found the yardage in the pattern to be extremely generous and I did not use nearly as much as they indicated.

So if you have a baby girl or know of someone who is going to have a baby girl, give this pattern a whirl (pun intended, of course!).


  1. It's adorable! I need someone to have a baby so I can knit one too.xx

  2. So cute! I wish there was a model for it, too. I was just commenting to a friend of mine that knitting baby things is all fun but I really need a model for them :)

  3. Adorable!!! I'm knitting my baby surprise jacket with cotton & I really like it, too :-)

  4. So cute! And I very much appreciated the pun!

  5. This is so very cute. And you're right...I think a baby is necessary to get the full effect!


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