Lincoln Sweater Increasing

I am in love with this color of yarn.  My husband's favorite color is green and I know he is going to love wearing this sweater.  I have been working on the raglan increases and am more than half way done.  I did more number crunching, which is not my strong suit, and I am pretty sure I am on the right track to having this sweater fit.  For now I am very happy with the mindless stockinette and the increasing that is completed every other row.  Makes for easy tv knitting.

I have been thinking about Christmas knitting as well.  I have at least two more projects to knit before Thanksgiving and I do not know what the projects are yet!  I just know who is receiving them.  So as I sit doing my boring plain sweater, my mind it firing off ideas of what I could do for gifts.  I also have three men on my Christmas list and am not feeling motivated to knit anything this year.  Last year, I did two hats and a pair of socks. Any ideas?

Have you been knitting gifts?  Who is lucky to receive them??


  1. Green is my husband's favorite color too!
    I want to do knit gifts for everyone,but I don't think I can make it. I have several items I have completed, but I can't post about them because the receivers reads my blog. How about vests for your guys?
    PS- finished one sock and am almost to the toe on it's mate!

  2. Men are really hard to knit for (in my opinion). My husband loves his noro striped (Jared Flood) scarf, and this was a real easy fast knit. If they are outdoor guys, maybe fliptop mittens might work.

    Your sweater is coming along great! I decided to make my gray raglan sweater bigger (after I tried it on, so I spent the end of last night's baseball playoff ripping out the whole thing), I'm rather bummed.

  3. oh your sweater is looking lovely karen, i need to knit for my husband too.

    i'm only making a couple knitted gifts this year, and they'll be hats for the guys. since it's so small i can use alpaca or cashmere, i've used this pattern from 'last minute knitted gifts' several times and everyone likes it a lot...

    and this one from the purl bee (it's free)

    oops, i just saw you already made hats, oh men are so hard to knit for. :)

  4. Guy knits are so difficult, aren't they? We actually have plans to visit cold country for the holidays and I'm starting to think about my very first ever knit gift to my husband. I know what he'd like the very best too - absolutely plain watch cap. ah well...whatever makes him happy!

  5. i love that color green but cannot wear it. go figure.

  6. I'm thinking about knitting a cowl for my dad and matching fingerless gloves for my dh and son (since there's no way I'll get the Dr. Who scarf and matching 5 yo sweater done in time). I do love that sweater colour you're working on. Just gorgeous!

  7. Well, would you look at that pattern? You could pretty much design any sweater at all using it, couldn't you…?

    I am doing a lot of knitting - I just finished up some new-baby gifts & now I am on to a couple of sweaters for my kids before moving on to Christmas gifts. I think I might need an extra month to get them all finished, though! xo


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