The Body of Truth-Lincoln Green

Remember this old thing?  This is the Lincoln Green Sweater I am knitting for my husband.  I am a couple of rows away from finishing the raglan shaping.  The very best way to make sure a sweater fits someone is to measure their favorite sweater.  Which I did.  However this pattern required measuring a favorite raglan sweater or sweatshirt and get the raglan length.  The sweater that I measured was a set in sleeve design.  So I am missing a crucial number.

To guess the number (accuracy is my forte!)  I did two things.  I number crunched how many stitches I needed for the sleeve width and body width and knew what number of stitches I wanted.

Then the other thing I did was lengthen my circular knitpick nickel plated needles with the knitting needle cable connectors so that my husband could try the sweater on........Ah, a live body!!  Now I know I am on the right tract.  So clever!

I love top down construction......don't you?


  1. You are so supremely amazing! I can not imagine every attempting any sort of number crunching when it comes to knowing, or working out how to actually fit/size things. But I have no doubt that your dh's sweater will be perfect in every way!

  2. Arent' you clever :-) Knit picks options needles are my favorites. I *love* them. I didn't know they had cable connectors-what an ingenious little gadget.

    I can't wait to see this sweater when it's finished. That green is heavenly.

  3. oooo number crunching....I feel a headache coming on! honestly, I'd rather reknit something than fiddle with numbers. (I'm so right brained!)
    sweater is looking great!!!! and it's looking to be very nearly done. ta-dah!

  4. You are so clever, I don't actually know what some of these knitting words mean! :) can't wait to see the finished jumper :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. i do love your sweater and yes! to top down, although this leah cardi is bottom up and such fun to have done all the work now that i'm at the yolk.
    i don't like numbers, and they don't like me.

  6. It's beautiful Karen and I'm glad I know who to call when there is a number problem [shudder]!

  7. Look at you go on it! It looks great. I love those top-down constructions, too - although I'm hardly so brave with number crunching.


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