I have decided to embrace happiness, there I said it now may it become true.  I sometimes find myself wasting time by doing stuff that does not increase my happiness factor.  I tend to be a worrier.  Sometimes I just pick something anything and just worry myself into a snit.  Yesterday I woke up and vowed to fill my thoughts with endless happy ideas so I would not waste any part of my day.

So what is a good way to fill a mind with happiness? Why thinking of a new knitting project!  I really love my traveling woman shawl and my noble cowl.  I wear these so much since the weather turned cooler. Right now I am leaning towards another triangular shawl in fingering weight.  I am just not sure if I should do a repeat of what I love or branch out and choose a new pattern.

My other fun activity was loading up a new ipod touch (for my soon-to-be-birthday on Sunday).  I am still in the process of deciding what to keep and what to delete from the old ipod touch.  I think over the next few days I am digging out my very old nano and filling it with Christmas music for the kitchen docking station player (I am at a complete loss of the correct name of this thing!).  Wouldn't that be fun?  Assuming it works of course!!

Any suggestions for a shawl that uses about 450 yards in fingering weight???


  1. Happy early birthday! I have just been putting podcasts [:)] on my ipod , but Christmas music would be fun now that Thanksgiving is about here!
    I am know help with a shawl pattern, have you looked at Raverly?

  2. I am a total worrier too. My husband says I'm not happy unless I'm worrying about something. But ironically all that worrying is exactly what makes me unhappy. It's hard to stop that process, that way of thinking. But knitting and music and being in nature really do help. I hope you find some peace from your worry and some great relaxation in your knitting and your music. I still use my old Nano on a daily basis. I bet the iPod Touch is fabulous though. Happy birthday, early!

  3. I hope you have a lovely birthday this weekend! I'm a worrier, too; I come by it honestly as I come from a long line of worriers, lol. Still trying to work on it.

    I'm not sure about the shawls, maybe Swallowtail?

  4. Oh, how I've missed your stunning photographs while I've been gone!!! You sound like the Happiness Project (great book!!)--and when you are happier--everyone around you is happier, which makes you happier yet!! What a win-win! Good luck!
    Have you looked at the cladonia (kristan kapur)--it's a two tone taking about 520 total; a dream to knit and gorgeous to wear. Have anything that might contrast with your skein????

  5. I'm a worrier, too. It's hard to stop!

    I think you should branch out with a new shawl pattern. There are so many beautiful ones out there!

  6. I'm a worrier as well. I really need to learn to trust in the Lord more and more rather than myself or circumstances...which change often!

    Oh! Decisions, decisions. I think that's the hardest part when it comes to (anything) knitting... Ravelry has such a variety and you can spend hours looking. I think a new pattern is always fun. Textured Shawl Recipe (free), Verdaia shawl (pay) and a beautiful one...Cobble (pay). That last one has wonderful undulations and a curved edge. I'd like to try them all out!

  7. sticking with the same patterns are satisfying- your hand knows the motions, the concentration is low so you're free to think and wander through thoughts-

    but then again, there is something incredibly joyful about tackling a new pattern/project. I say go for it.

    wishing you happy thoughts today!

  8. Love this. I am a worrier too and it doesn't do my any good. Thanks for this!

  9. Happy Almost Birthday!
    Oh, Christmas music...I love it but I am not ready. It can't be that time already can it?!
    I'm excited to see what you decided on for a new knit. And I'm inspired that you are choosing happiness. xo R

  10. happy birthday to you! it sounds like you've made a wonderful decision, worrying sure isn't fun.
    i have been wanting to make the whipoorwill, and stephs recommendation is lovely too.
    happy knitting and unworrying. :)

  11. I try not to worry, but lately I have been consumed with worry about an upcoming surgery for my daughter. I just need to make it through a few more days. I like the Through the Loop patterns by Kristen Kapur. I also liked multnomah and a few others I knit this summer. Do you want a lacier version or more garter with a lacy border? Love the iPod idea.

  12. I read your most recent post first so am late to comment, but I love the intention in this post, how you just made up your mind to stop worrying and embrace happiness. Sometimes that is all we can do :). It helps me so much to visit other bloggers who can admit to this, then I know I'm not the only one :).
    much love

  13. i love the positive thinking. really do.

    as far as the shawl...what about the diamond fantasy shawl? i seem to remember knitting one of those from a single skein of sock yarn...


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