Weekends with

-my side of the family for a two day getaway to Pittsburgh
-macaroni salad, roasted sweet potatoes, grilled chicken
-peanut butter cookies and cinnamon muffins with walnuts and apples(?)
-hot "oh so, I am tired of it" hot hot humid weather
-yarn crawl to different yarn stores (more on that later) with my sister
-more food:  gluten free pizza**with homegrown tomatoes, basil, oregano and mozzarella cheese (phew spell checker did not like how I was spelling that cheese-geez)
-car knitting, project finishing, book reading
-talking talking talking with family-laughing, smiling and reminiscing childhood days
-outdoor deck sitting, cold drinks in hand, enjoying a summer early evening before goodbyes
-easy peasy car ride home, opening the house, reading the mail and starting the lists for the week

** Gluten Free pizza crust recipe can be found in Easy Gluten Free Baking by Elizabeth Barbone.
How was your weekend?

Joining Amanda


  1. i love car knitting. love it.

    also, did you make your gf pizza dough? have a recipe to share?

  2. this sounds like the BEST BEST weekend!! What a great way to wind down the summer!!!! (I say wind down----our local grandkids start school next week--is that nuts, or what????)

  3. Love LOVE LOVE! I'm interested in your gf dough too...

    PS.. I'm jealous of your flowers. Ours all died in the heat this summer!

  4. You had a super weekend and I am very envious [in a good way].
    Family really is the best.
    Are the kid's still home?

  5. Sounds like your family visit was a blast! Summer and Macaroni salad is just so perfect together..

  6. What a nice weekend -- especially the time with family! Love it! Enjoy your week!

  7. I love that you finish the weekend with starting lists for the week. :)
    Ronnie xo

  8. sounds like you had an awesome weekend with good food and i love the outdoor deck sitting bit best! have a good start to the week!

  9. Sounds lovely! And gluten free pizza! Yummo:) XO

  10. Sounds like good times and good food. And your sister is also a knitter? What a great hobby to have in common! Oh, and I'm with you on heat and humidity....missing central AC this summer.

  11. Ah, family visits are the best. I'm going to be missing those. Hope to have one soon though. And to add to it a yarn crawl?!?! Awesome!

  12. Excited to hear about the yarn crawl! :)

  13. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love spending time with family. Blessings!

  14. So, so, so hot this weekend, wasn't it? but sounds like you have a lovely one. Time with family is time well spent. Well, mostly....lol....:)

  15. Florida needs to repave I-95 for me. It was so rough it made knitting difficult this weekend. What a waste of hours and hours of sitting!


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