Falling into Autumn

Today is quite the fall day when leaves are dropping and the air is crisp.  If you're in the shade your chilled, if you're in the sun with a light jacket well then you might just be in heaven.  Even Frodo knows this is a great time of year.  He is outside more than inside, sunbathing in the grass.  In the newspaper this morning it reported that we are in for a cold winter!  Well I hope it will be colder than last year's winter, that was just too warm.

I think I will be finished knitting the cowl over the weekend.  We have more adventures planned and I will have an opportunity to knit with my sister.  Very excited about that!!  I have a sweater that is my "wish to cast on" idea but I am fighting an intense urge to knit another hat for me.  Let me say that I am not nor have I ever been a hat wearer or lover.  From a very young age I would take any head wear off as soon as I knew my mother could not see me when I walked to school.  For some strange mysterious reason, I have been wearing a hat on our walks and I have been really liking how warm my head is.  Warmer than a hood.  Yep.  So I want another hat in a different color.  This could become manic and I might make many to coordinate with my shawls, not matchy matchy just pieces that compliment each other.  I won't mention the mitts that just might be cast on as well :)  This time of year is splendid for a knitter!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful, restful, peaceful weekend!


  1. Beautiful photos, love the ones in your header :) have a wonderful weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x

  2. oh, all this crispness in the air is lovely, isn't it?!
    and all this talk about knitting...i'm getting the itch :)
    like you, i was always yanking the hats off...but as i've gotten older, i've learned to really appreciate a warm {and cute} hat!

    happy weekend to you! enjoy your knitting and your sister!!!

  3. I hate hats too! Although last year I made Ree a hat then she insisted I needed one too so I made it. It's ok. Except that she INSISTS I wear it when she wears her's! This is a wonderful time of year to be a knitter! Except I have so many projects I want to work on at the same time I get overwhelmed! I'm almost finished the 1st pattern repeat of the cinderblock cowl & am loving the pattern! (This is after I had to rip the whole thing out due to twisted cast on stitches grrr.) I'll post a pic on instagram later today for you to see!

  4. Nice photo! I am so enjoying this cooler fall weather. I think I'm going to start your cowl this weekend...out of acrylic. I just purchased a giant skein because it was on sale and I really like the colors. Hopefully it drapes right. Enjoy knitting with your sister.

  5. I don't always like wearing them, but I have a TON of them. They do help keep you nice and toasty warm...and making them can become an obsession. Have a great weekend!

  6. I gues I am just going to have to live through you Karen if I want any chilly weather, we are 82 today! I am so, so disappointed!
    I never would wear hats as a kid either, but now I love them!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. I don't remember wearing hats as a kid except when we were playing in the snow. I wear them all the time now. In fact I have a whole basket of them, almost as many hats as scarves. The chill in the air is most welcome after how hot the summer was!

  8. It *is* the best time of year for a knitter, isn't it?
    I've also never been a hat person—I've always *wanted* to be a hat person, but they never look right on me—but lately I have been wearing them more as well. And loving how they feel, and not caring how they look. I think you should stop fighting that urge and just go with it. :)
    Have a lovely weekend! xo

  9. I hated hats when I was young too, but now I'm with you, they are so nice

  10. yes, compliment not matchy matchy. how lucky you are to spend so much time with your sister and knitting to boot!

  11. We are loving the cool crisp fall air and our dog is spending time outside just Frodo, she loves laying in the sun in a pile of leaves. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. you are so right!!! knitter's heaven---that's fall! I think the no-hat-kid-thing is pretty common; that was me, too! and now I LOVE them!!! In fact.....time to go cast one on now!
    Have a great weekend with your sister!!!!!

  13. Hats and mits and shawls!!!! Love it all!!! Hope your time with your sis is sweet. I'm hoping that this winter is a tad chillier as well, my boys were sorely disappointed with the lack of snow we had!

  14. We had a cold winter this year. Actually it still is rather cold! Happy knitting time with your sister. Must be lovely to have knitting in common with someone so close. Can't wait to see what kind of hats you decide to knit! Jacinta

  15. You keep talking about the seasons kicking in.
    I keep thinking....I can't believe it's going to be 80 degrees today.
    Maybe this is why I don't get around to knitting warm things to wear. LOL...

  16. What wonderful fall you have captured. It is cold and rainy here tonight... my favorite indoor fall weather. Happy Weekend!

  17. your neck of the woods is looking mighty beautiful...

  18. Looks and sounds like you are loving fall. It is a wonderful time of year...you are right, the perfect time for knitting nice warm things for the winter ahead.

  19. I just love how Fall changes everything about our world. So beautiful and time, yes, for wool-y fun.

  20. I tried to comment on Friday but something happened...I think it was my network that failed...

    I love your house...if that's yours...love the wood cladding and the big trees. Glad you are able to spend knitting time with your sister...perfect partnership. I love hats but used to have the same problem as a child especially my school hat that we had to wear but as soon as I got out of the school grounds I's whisk it off and use it to carry acorns and conkers and all the little treasures I collected on my way home.

    Hope you finished the cowl...
    Have a good week,


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