Barnacle Sweater Update

Thank you for all the well wishes!  I am feeling much much better.  I woke up yesterday with significant improvement so much so that I decided to wait on the RA doctor for now.  I really do not want to take any more medicine-I am on many for my arthritis.  So it's been a lot of sitting in hard chairs and resting my foot.  I think my back and ankle when crazy over the weekend, hence the pain.

Once my body settles down I am going to incorporate some gentle yoga to increase my flexibility.  Walking just isn't enough anymore. Onto the knitting!

I am happy to report that I finished the body of the barnacle sweater.  I started the first sleeve and decided to use two circular needles instead of dpns.  Not my usual way but I thought why not?  Something different.  I am using a chiaogoo needle and a knit picks needle.  The chiaogoo set is a recently acquired set and I do love them.  The ends are very pointy and the join is seamless.  I've owned the knit picks set for a couple of years and they are just as pointy!!

Do I have enough yarn??  I think I might.  I am left with 200 yards for each sleeve.  I would love to make full length sleeves but if I'm in a pinch I'll settle for 3/4 length.  I wish you could feel this Tern  wool it is soft squishy and a pure delight to knit with.  You should definitely try it if you haven't yet.

Frodo is all curled up on this very cold morning.  As I walked to get the paper the snow squeaked and crunched.  Brrr.  It's a good thing I love winter.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better and hope your ankle continues to improve! The sweater is turning out wonderful, I can't wait to admire the finished project!

  2. Happy to hear you are on the mend, as well. I am going to (re)start my yoga this week. I have a dvd I love (Suzanne Deason) Easy and gentle to start. I think mine is actually the quick weight loss one (which didn't really happen) but it's a very nice introduction at a good pace or you can follow the more advanced moves when you are ready. All in the privacy of your own home, my personal favorite! ha!

    Love the sweater. I bet the Tern is beautiful. I just gave my daughter-the-beautiful-knitter a gift care for there. Lovely yarns. (I start knitting lessons on Monday ~ yay me!)

    Have a wonderful day! ~ paula

  3. Ahh the squeak and crunch of snow. Definitely cold with Frodo all curled up. Gorgeous sweater and so close to finishing! Glad you are feeling better. I was just remembering that I need my yoga practice - must start up again.

  4. Karen, I am so happy you are feeling better and on the mend.
    I think adding yoga to your day will really help you. I know
    when I practice yoga daily it makes a huge difference and I
    can always tell the days I cop out and miss it.
    Love the photo of Frodo, he is a doll baby!

  5. The sweater is looking wonderful! And Mr. Frodo and our pup Dora look to have the same idea! It's so chilly here! Brrrr!

  6. Love the colour of your sweater, glad you are feeling better sweetie :) Don't know about Frodo but ours keep coming in from the garden snow with white beards and snow in all of their leg curls!

    Bee happy x

  7. How the heck did I miss yesterday's post? SO sorry you haven't been "up to snuff." I think some stretching and yoga will definitely help. I openly admit that I'm not a great exerciser but I do stretches every day. Loving the Barnacle. It's going to be So gorgeous! I was gifted a set of knitpicks interchangeable needles for Christmas from my Mom....LOVE them. Cannot stress how much. Take care and enjoy the snow!!

  8. and....he matches the barnacle sweater!!! Gosh, that's going to be a wonderful one.....and you are so so so close to finishing!!!

  9. Glad you're feeling better, Karen!
    Love the sweater too!

  10. i think frodo has the right idea ;-)

    your sweater is coming along swimmingly.

  11. I love those days when the snow squeaks. Almost makes it worth the cold.

    Your sweater looks beautiful. I love my chiaogoo needles - didn't know they sold a set. Are they interchangeables?

  12. Glad you are feeling better, loving how the sweater is coming along.

  13. Glad you are feeling a little better!! That Barnacle is just going to be wonderful. Love it. Frodo looks very comfy all snuggled up against the pillow!! Keep getting better. blessings ~ tanna

  14. It's good that you're feeling better. I hope you will be a hundred percent okay soon ;) Yoga is a good practice. I do it on weekends as I don't always get 8 hours sleep on weekdays. Yoga makes you calm and feel good! It energizes me in the morning as well ;)

    P.S. Frodo looks so cute in that photo ;)


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