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Yesterday our son came home and along with him came the dorm stuff.  It wasn't as too bad, but boy oh boy it's amazing what they can collect.  He is only here for three weeks and then he's off to a summer research math program.  So we've tucked some boxes in the dining room, guest room and his room.  It would seem that most of the stuff will follow him.

Today will be the epic laundry day.  I like to wash all the bedding whenever they move back, it needs to be fresh (and clean).  While we are talking about mundane to do lists, I'll be tackling our huge collection of cardboard boxes in the garage.  For some unknown reason I save them thinking I'll need them one day in the future.  For mailing items or for moving even though I haven't moved in years!  When I went out to get the paper this morning,  a pile of them fell on one on the cars, yep it needs to be addressed.

Tomorrow our daughter will arrive and we'll be all together for the weekend. The two of them really want to see each other before his eight week program, how can a parent say no to that??

Tried again to find a beach getaway and again nothing came up to my liking.  I get sad thinking that we have to skip this year.  I also get sad at how much time I waste of a precious day researching.

I hope you have a lovely vacation and enjoy the spring weather!

(the photo above is a nut shell left by our resident squirrel along with the lovely hole he dug to find his morsel of food)


  1. My mom had the same box problem. Whenever I needed a mailing box I'd just go to her basement. Then she cleaned that closet and took them all to the recycle center. Now I have no boxes!

  2. Have a lovely weekend all together! That's so special :)

  3. You know as soon as you recycle the boxes... you're gonna need a really big box!! :-)

  4. Enjoy your weekend, how lovely to have them home.

  5. cute, cute! i love the photo explanation.
    have a great weekend, friend!

  6. Enjoy your weekend together, every single minute of it!!
    We also have busy little squirrels around, I don't mind them unless they dig up my seedlings because they hid their favorite nut right at the bottom of the flowerpot last fall...

  7. oh! everyone home and together!!! nothing better. we didn't think we were going to get that pleasure this year.....but we've got a week again at the beach (even though it was 'officially' the year our son was to go with his in-laws-----a pregnant sister-in-law---due when they had scheduled vacation.....oh, darn, we'll just have to take that week!!!!)

    it really won't matter---as long as you all are together.

  8. Ah, I do the same thing! My husband taught me that there are two types of decision-making: maximizing and satisficing. Maximizing means looking closely at every single option until you find the very best one. Satisficing means that you just take the first thing that comes along that meets your basic criteria. I satisfice on just about everything (laundry detergent, car type, etc.), but for some reason I maximize on vacations, and it takes me forever! All that is to say, I feel your pain. And I am sure you had just as good of a time at home!


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