Summer's Grand Finale

I'm thinking that summer is at its end.  Brown leaves are abundant on the sides of the road and sprinkled in are red and golden yellow leaves.  The wind sounds different when it breezes through the trees, have you noticed?  The weatherman mentioned a five letter word- F R O S T.  Not for my area but boy, the weather is changing.  I wouldn't mind a wee bit of frost to kill the weed pollen.

We walked yesterday just the three of us, lots of talking and sharing our daily events.  Frodo is quite happy leading us and exploring.  Our new rhythm is to eat dinner, walk and then have our dessert if there is one.  I promise you, there is one!

I am slowly going through a few cookbooks, pulling different recipes out to try and hopefully incorporate into our weekly menus.  We both are committed to whole food plant based and it's a journey that ebbs and flows.  Since I participated in Heather's 30 day vegan course in the spring, I have continued to be vegan for two out of three meals.  My breakfast is with almond milk-YUM. Now we are looking to change up our dinners.

Do any of you have ideas for packed lunch box sandwiches?  My list is kind of sparse in that area besides left overs...

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!


  1. Karen, I live in WV and our temps didn't make it to the 30's, but we awoke this morning to low 40's! And, yes, I do notice how the wind is carrying a different sound. The skies here this morning are beautiful...clear skies and crisp air! I love autumn!

    I wish I had some lunchbox ideas for you. I will keep my eyes open for you and share any I might find.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Karen, I did come up with a lunch box idea that I've done this spring/summer. Are you familiar with the salads in a jar? I've used them rather frequently because we like to incorporate salads in our daily routine. The trick is to keep the dressing and greens separate by putting the dressing on the bottom of the jar, then put in whatever veggies you like, and then pack in the salad greens as tightly as possible. I would have one for lunch here at the house and would send one in my hubby's lunch box. Thought I would mention it.

  2. I'm so jealous....i just read our forecast for the day....clear and hot and humid (high 88....ok one day this week not in the 90s!!!!) Can I move in??? (our 'rhythm' is clean up dinner dishes....walk with Fred.....flip on the baseball game (if there is one) -- and THEN have dessert. I think I could fit in nicely.)

  3. I'm thinking summer is nearing its end, as well. It's in the air. Last night I started wading thru yarn purchases and patterns. Time to start looking at holiday gift making. And today woke up to wonderfully cool temps. All is good.
    We are beginning to get back on track with more plant based, as well. Well, I am. He's just going along and trying not to complain. ;) Have a great weekend! xo

  4. Here too! It was in the 40's last night, extra blanket on the bed.

    I would be interested in sandwich ideas. My youngest has gone off meat and egg salad is getting old. She's been taking a lot of leftovers in her thermos and salads which I guess isn't a bad thing.

  5. I actually woke up cold this morning!! I love it! I am so ready for Fall weather, apples, pumpkins, knitting and not sweating, wearing hand knits, etc. I love the coneflowers. We bought a coneflower plant a few weeks ago and my husband planted it at the edge of the back deck where I can see it anytime I'm working in the kitchen! I haven't got any lunch recommendations, but I'll be back to see any you get!

  6. Cooler, rainy, and humid here in SW WA. But I like the rain (why else would I live here? - ha!). I'd like it to stay warm just a bit longer so my tomatoes will finish ripening! Next week's forecast is calling for temps in the 80s which should do it. :) We're just not even close to vegan 'round here, but hummus on pita bread sounds yummy! A rolled w/w tortilla spread with herbed cream cheese (not vegan?) and filled with fresh veggies would make me happy, too. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I just filled my freezer w/ pasture raised chicken and have half a hog and a quarter of beef on order... Have a great weekend!

  7. Your cone flowers are beautiful. When we were doing vegan lunches, we liked avocado and sprout sandwiches. I don't know how well that would carry in a lunch box, but you could take the ingredients and fix the sandwiches when it's time to eat.

  8. Oh it has been cool here the last few days, autumn is definitely making it's presence known.

    Vegan sandwich ideas...we always fall back on the hummus and raw veggie (carrots, peppers, cucumber) sandwich or wrap. I would think some grilled veggies (eggplant, pepper, zucchini) might be nice to with hummus or pesto. Hope that helps.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. oh I so wish it was over. forecast for next week includes 90's for us :(

  10. we had a rip snorting (for us) thunder storm last night..quite unusual actually. Love your cone flowers!

  11. I am ready for autumn. I think. I will miss the spectacular fall colors of the northeast though, here in western Germany leaves are mostly brown and yellow. Still, autumn is my favorite season ever and we live next to a huge city park and I look forward to bike rides through the crunchy leaves wrapped up in cozy knitwear. By the way, I found you via Sas's blog, it seems that we share similar anxieties. I also love knitting but haven't really done much of it over the years so I think your blog will inspire me in that respect, also :)

  12. It has been way too long since I've packed any lunches to be of any help at all. I see the cute little lunchboxes at back-to-school time and I WANT to pack myself a lunch. ;)

    It is still in the triple digits here... but, you can still feel that change... blessings ~ tanna

  13. Our overnight temps are in the low to mid 60's right now and I'm thrilled with that! First thing I do after getting up is open some windows to enjoy the cooler, less humid air. We're still in the high 80's to low 90's during the day, but there are signs of fall. :-)

  14. There are so many lovely things to catch up over here Karen.

    First of all "Happy Anniversary", what a lovely weekend you had. And your shawl is gorgeous, so pretty with your hair colour. We have had amazing weather this past week and a chance to catch up on lots of garden jobs. But then suddenly the temperature dropped by ten degrees on Friday, the weather has definitely turned a corner here too.

    You asked for lunch box ideas...I make a lot of salads for lunch boxes. Egg free pasta with vegetables, Orzo is a favourite or quinoa or couscous salad. Like Diana, If I make salad's with green leaves I always put the dressing in a separate little container. And favourite is humous and beetroot. After cooking beetroot I bottle it with balsamic vinegar. I could eat them every day. Ahmad has a really sweet tooth and loves peanut butter and honey. I think both are not to everyone's taste though.

    I hope you get your little bit of frost but I also hope we don't get any for a while, just until I've finished putting the garden to bed. Enjoy your week

  15. Oh, how nice! It is still hot here, getting into the 100s next week, but we will hopefully be out of town for the worst of it! On the other hand, laundry dries so quickly out on the balcony when it's this hot. So exciting about the new meal planning! We are not vegan, but are vegetarian at home (sometimes we eat meat out). We eat mostly whole plant foods too, and I love it:) I just won the tastebud lottery, I guess, in that I really love vegetables! The best sandwich I have come across is chickpeas, avocado, cilantro, and lime, all mashed together. So good! And one of the best sites I know of for vegan meals is Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. She really helped me learn to cook!


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