Undone Sweater and Random Musings

How can a sweater that I've invested three weeks of knitting time be undone in 1 1/2 hours?  Yesterday found me in a very merry mood and I was mentally stable to do the "deed".  You know.....frog.  Now all my bundles of wool are safely placed in a wooden basket awaiting for its second fate.  Right now I need a break from thinking about the sweater that is no more.

I'm in a random mood so here are some random thoughts from my week:

-I'm a fan of tissue paper and gift bags this year, so quick and fast.
-my birthday was fantastic, thanks for all your well wishes!
-I broke down and ordered four inch interchangeable needle tips and cords in chiaogoo needle brand from this place.  I have the five inch tips and LOVE them but I wanted to be able to use them on hat knitting. (metal of course)
-I then notified my husband what he bought me for my birthday ;)
-brownies do not replace birthday cake, but it's a close second
-the more Frodo snuggles close, the colder it is outside-no need for a thermometer.
-I dislike sifting through a packet of grapes looking for the non-rotten ones to eat
-can't throw away the packet of grapes-waste not want not mentality
-Looking forward to seeing my kids next week :)
-the song that I hum is "winter wonderland" (Johnny Mathis version).  Frodo is not a fan and keeps giving me weird looks.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

(the red notebook is this- bought at a local art store, this is where I tuck my favorites quotes and random thoughts-the book is really for artists but I loved the red cover!)


  1. As hard as it must have been to frog the sweater, at least now you get to knit with that gorgeous orange yarn again. :-) Have a great weekend!

  2. That beautiful orange yarn...I had to unravel a great portion of the piece I am currently working on. I hated to have to do it, but it is a gift for someone and I only want to give it my best shot. SO, I have now reworked all of the yarn I had to unravel and am on the go again!

    Loved reading all of your random thoughts...especially about the grapes! We think along the same lines! lol Love it!

    And I REALLY like your red notebook! A safe keeping place for your favorite quotes. I just found one this morning by Oswald Chambers that I will enter in mine later on. :)

    Have a great weekend, Karen!

  3. I am really good at frogging sweaters - since I tend not to check gauge. Once I knit a sweater that was too big and instead of ripping out and winding into balls I just knit from the old sweater into a smaller sized one. HA!

  4. I too have a stationery thing going on. The older get, the more fussy I get about using this pen or that type of book or paper - can't imagine what a fusspot I'm going to be in twenty years time!

  5. So, so sorry about your sweater but glad you are at peace with the frogging. We all need a good place to pencil in those words worthy of remembering; I like yours. Grapes like the ones you've descried we guiltlessly feed to our laying hens...they love them. :) Have a great weekend!

  6. I use this brownie recipe and a basic butter cream frosting for brownie-cake. If you leave it in the fridge for a day it tastes like super-soft Oreos. Yummm!

  7. Those orange balls will look very seasonal and festive just in a bowl for awhile. Really great color. (Love the red book....is it line-less? I'm starting to sort of insist on no-lines for my journals...makes me do more sketching and doodling!!) Have a great weekend!!!

  8. I am so glad you can use the yarn for something else! Now it's a blank canvas again, just waiting for the magic to happen!

  9. I always buy my own birthday gift and let Mike know what it is, it works so much better than letting him wander a store and bring something home I don't want/need.

    Love Johnny Mathis!

    PS- we are suppose to be only 49 for a high on Sunday....my woolies are out and waiting!

  10. Have the most wonderful weekend Karen :)

  11. Now I have the sweater song stuck in my head...you know, "if you want to destroy my sweater...."

    It's great yarn, I'm sure it'll find its destiny at some point!

  12. I love that red cover, too. ;) That yarn has a better destiny... I'm not sure what... but, I know it will be put to a higher purpose than an "unloved". have a great weekend. blessings ~ tanna

  13. I love coming to read a Friday post. You just set the mood I want so well! I'm always nodding my head when I read. Yes, to gift bags and tissue paper. (I like to put hand knits in multiple layers of colored or pattern tissue, sometimes with stickers, haha-- i'm older than 12 I swear.) I love telling my husband what he's purchased me -- even on non occasions, and I just baked brownies with heath bar toffee sprinkles on top for the work potluck. Letting go of the frogged, awesome -- I'll try to be better about that one. Have a great weekend. Thanks for the post.

  14. Hard to read about your frogging task but glad it's behind you. Do you do anything to unkink the yarn? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  15. I like that, 'mentally stable' to do the deed. So true! I usually have a period of knitting-grief when a project hasn't worked out and I have to frog it, and once that has passed I can do the deed. It's length, however, varies. :)

    I'm suddenly craving fresh green grapes...

  16. man, the frogging is the worst part. I always just want to cut the yarn into pieces and throw it all over the house. I never do, but I want to!

  17. You are an artist so the red notebook fits!

  18. I keep a blank book nearby nearly all the time for random jottings, quotes, notes, etc. I like your little red one! (and I certainly agree about the grapes)

  19. It must be hard to frog an entire sweater but I suppose the more you do it, the easier it is! I have a hard time frogging like 6 rows of a scarf! lol

  20. What a lovely colour the orange is - and well done for being in such control. I hope you had a lovely birthday - mine was last week too - I ordered my present online and handed the parcel to my husband to give me back the next day xx

  21. You can now start dreaming of what that gorgeous yarn is going to become next. Perhaps a different sweater? I love Handsome Fibers. I made a wish list that my family ordered from last Christmas. They were wonderful to deal with. I'm sure you will love those needles.

  22. Haha - I loved this post - I totally buy things for myself and give them to my husband to give back to me as gifts. Love. AND I share your grape sentiments - Mr. usually is okay with the ones I'm not okay with - it works out!


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