Kelp Cardigan Progress

Oh daylight where are you?  I love winter but I miss light, light for photography indoors early in the morning.  Each day there is a wee bit more, but not enough for when I want to snap a photo.  Anyways, I guess I'm done whining for now :)

The cardigan is coming along quite nicely.  Once I separated for the sleeves and knit about an inch of the body, I inserted some waist shaping decreases located to the right and the left of the side seams 20 stitches each way.  Waist shaping should land a bit away from the side, kind of like a dart.

Yesterday while watching Downton Abbey, I picked up the sweater and saw a decreasing mistake.  So for about 30 minutes I dropped four stitches down 9 rows and corrected the mistake successfully without ripping out all that knitting.  Once the mistake was fixed, I lost interest in knitting.  Maybe I was mad?  Not sure, but today, all is forgiven and I'm ready to add some more inches!!


  1. oh, this is looking just beautiful!!!

    If I make a mistake like that-----I MUST fix it before putting the knitting down. I can't leave a piece with a known mistake that I intend to fix. I thought this was just a 'me' thing. Are you sure you aren't my twin who went missing at birth?

  2. I know...I'm always struggling for light. That's one of the things on the top of our new house must have lots of natural light. It's not too bad today but we've had lots of grey days recently. That was why it was so good to watch Out of Africa...all that lovely sunshine. The sun has just made a rainbow on me through a prism hanging on the kitchen about perfect timing. I hope that you get lots of lovely winter sunshine.
    Your cardigan looks lovely. I'm really envious of your yarn. I'm going to start saving up for my meeting with my sister Penny at Loop in London as they carry Quine & co yarn. I hope they have it in stock when we visit.
    Hope you manage to add on lots more inches now the mistakes remedied.

  3. Love the detail on your cardigan! Same here, I'm missing the light. The days are getting longer, but they have been so gray and dreary lately. Lots of rain in the forecast for us this week...

  4. Very pretty! I love the detailing and the color. It is going to snow all day here and then probably head your way!

  5. During the winter I have almost no light in my home so that is why most of my photos are taken out side. I realized yesterday that I could still see outside at 6:00 p.m., the days are definitely getting longer.
    I have to tell you that I think you picked the prettiest yarn to knit your cardigan, I really to love it and know it will look just pretty on you.

  6. It looks great so far! I got out to take some pictures this morning - around 7:30 and it was beautiful with all the snow. I even got to take some pics in the kitchen of my scarf that is blocking. The days are getting longer but not fast enough!

  7. This is lovely! Makes me long for my needles . . .

    1. I hope you find time for needles and knitting :) It's a great stress buster for me :)

  8. Love the edging! so pretty and understated. GOod for you for fixing your mistake and then taking a break

  9. That is gorgeous. Love the colour.

  10. That was an impressive "fix"! I'd have had to quit because I was exhausted! LOL! It is looking beautiful, Karen. blessings ~ tanna

  11. gorgeous cardi in my favourite green ~ lovely detail ♥

  12. Glad you were able to fix the error without a major ripping out! I love the lace pattern on the front; it's going to be a very nice sweater soon.

  13. oh Karen this is such a lovely the details and the color is such a pretty shade!


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