The Knitting Life List

Fun Facts about my Knitting Life

-I love double pointed needles over two circulars or magic loop
-I knit all of my socks on size 2 needles
-I prefer cuff down socks
-my favorite interchangeable needles are chiaogoo Twist.
-wool and other animal fibers are my go to yarns of choice if silk is added well that's even better
-I shy away from plant fibers-too hard on my hands
-I love to knit simple hats and read at the same time
-I can listen to anything and anyone and knit anything
-I cannot talk and knit at the same time very well.  I stop one or the other.
-my mother and my mother in law knit in the past
-I have saved every hand knit for each baby-tucked away for future grands
-my sister and my sister in law knits
-I inherited a LOT of yarn from my mother, it's tucked away in my closet
-I started to knit before my teen years
-my first successful knit was a fisherman's boat neck sweater in mint green, at 18 years of age
-I still have that mint green sweater in my cedar chest
-my second successful knit was a fisherman's afghan on circular needles
-that blanket is downstairs :)
-during university I knit a sweater that I frogged because the gauge was incorrect
-I hate to do gauge
-I am self taught before the age of internet or many knitting books
-knitting soothes my worried soul
-sometimes I dream of knitting projects-those are happy dreams
-packing my knitting projects is always first on a vacation list
-I quit printing patterns and now read pdfs on my ipad
-I've only ruined one sweater and two pairs of socks from accidental felting
-socks were mislabeled superwash-the sweater was my stupidity
-my friend who was from the Netherlands got me back into knitting when I was 24 years old
-that project was a bulky sweater for my new husband
-he still wears that sweater to date
-I taught my husband to knit when we had only three tv channels in Michigan
-his knitting was so tight the yarn squeaked on the metal needles
-I prefer the knit on cast on and shy away from long tail cast on
-ripping out knitting makes me happy if there's a mistake
-I will not keep knitting knowing there's a mistake-it bugs me
-I have never used a lifeline, nor will I ever, I prefer the thrill of danger :)
-knitting with alpaca in lace is a dangerous slippery slope and fun!
-I'd rather use a knitting chart than written words
-madelinetosh, malabrigo, and Quince & Co are my favorite yarn companies
-trekking XXL is my favorite sock brand for my husband

What are your knitting life fun facts??


  1. I LOVE that you still have that mint green sweater and your fisherman's afghan AND that your husband still wears his first sweater!! Not to mention that you have all your children's knits saved for grandbabies! I am such a sucker for things that stand the test of time and those who appreciate them. I'm with you, no life lines. DPN's over circulars. And, mistakes bug me... a lot. Can't say I feel happy ripping back! LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  2. What a great list, Karen. I still have a couple of items my grandmother knit for baby me and a blanket crocheted by a dear friend when my son was born. I need to give some thought to my fun facts. I think it would make a great journal page. :-)

  3. I love learning all these things about you Karen. I love knitting with dpn's too and have no desire to learn the magic loop. How nice that you have so many knitter's in you life, here there is just me. I have begged others to learn to knit, but no one has the desire. I put myself to sleep thinking of knitting projects to cast on.

  4. I just love your list. We do so many things alike. My favorite interchangeables are my Chiagoos. The first thing I pack (or plan to pack) for vacation are my knitting projects. Cuff down socks are my standard although I would like to try toe up one day. I am definitely going to write my list down this week!

  5. What a fun list! I loved reading about your knitting life. : ) My grandmother taught me to knit when I was eight, but I didn't really catch the knitting bug until I was twenty-five. I've saved all of the things I've knit for my babies, too--including my second son's Christening gown (he was a January baby). I love knitting socks and toys--little things. : ) I like toe-up and cuff-down equally well, and usually use two circs. I can't tolerate a mistake either; some days I do more un-knitting than knitting!

  6. I'm thinking you need a knitting tattoo like Tracey got.
    Ya'll are HARDCORE!

  7. This must have taken ages to write. Thanks Karen. I prefer DPNs but that's probably because the wire came off my circular bamboo pins at a critical point last night. So Im a bit out of sorts with them. I love that you have your first sweater in a cedar chest. A cedar chest sounds so nice, like something out of The Little House on the Prairie. I knitted my first jumper when I was eleven. A grey polo neck jumper for when I went horse riding. It was a toss up between yellow and grey but grey won.

  8. That's a really great list! Lots of things on there I can relate to!!

  9. Cool list! We match up on several lines - I too love DPNs over magic loop; Chiagoo Twists are my favorite as well; knitted cast on is my favorite - have never done long tail

  10. I'd like to see a picture of the mint green sweater.

  11. I love this list Karen! So great!! and "I have saved every hand knit for each baby-tucked away for future grands" !!!! Wish I had thought of that.... I wonder if my friends would be offended if I asked for my hand knits back? lol!

  12. Yours were a blast to read! i have think about mine

    A few of mine would be:
    I prefer wooden needles to any other kind

    My hungarian grandmother Olga was a knitter. I met her once.

    I often dream Ive lost my knitting

  13. Karen, love your list. I love my double point needles. They are bamboo and very comfortable to hold.

  14. Fun post, Karen. We share many similarities!

  15. Great knitting fun facts!
    I am with you on the cuff down and DPN preference. I almost always knit with size 1.5 needles.

  16. What a fabulous list! As for me, I randomly learned to knit in Spanish while on a college language exchange in Oaxaca, Mexico. It took me an entire year to figure it out all over again in English.

  17. Keeping it simple here, just wanted to say I LOVE this post!!

  18. What a fabulous list! Very tempted to write my own!

  19. You're a born knitter and your list proves it!

  20. dpns, yes! I have a friend who constantly tries converting me to using the magic loop, but it just isn't going to happen. I enjoy freaking people out who don't knit, that is, they look at all those pointy little sticks and think I'm amazing. :) hahaha! Just a knitter. Love your list, Karen, and enjoyed the peek into your knitting world. ~Lisa

  21. I usually have a pair of socks on the needles at all times; I love to knit while reading on my Nook e-reader; I don't have to hold the book open leaving my hands free! I use Cascade 220 yarn the most. I can't quite bring myself to make a sweater from my favorite yarn (Madeleinetosh) because of the expense; I love buying knitting books, but I need to stop. I have enough books. I also love to take pictures of yarn, needles, knitting....they're so beautiful close up.


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