Noticing the Moments

Noticing this week:

-birds singing and singing, the woodpecker busy in the woods-two days ago, I saw his silhouette.
-did not have a camera for that moment, so I've memorized the photo
-warmer days-short sleeve wearing-and shorts!
-freshly mulched beds that have that earthy smell and look beautiful
-eating a perfect watermelon
   -and avocado
   -but not together
-the sun rising early and the nights taking longer to arrive
-daily walks occurring early or late, never midday
-friendly neighbors and passerby people who give a wave
-Frodo with a new haircut :)
-wild raspberries, strawberries and roses blooming along the roadside with the phlox

What have you noticed?

Have a lovely weekend :)


  1. You paint beautiful pictures with your words, Karen! I had a new woodpecker fly in to the Maple tree just outside the kitchen window. He was lovely! I've also noticed that this year, for some odd reason, the female Cardinals have more red on them than I've noticed in the past. Just when I thought some of my special Irises weren't going to bloom one surprised me yesterday! So excited! :) Have a restful weekend, Karen!

  2. Beautiful Karen. I am noticing the light and I love it. Early mornings with the sunrise and then watching it slowly melt back into the horizon at night. The lily of the valley is blooming, and home is filled with the intoxicating scents of both. Birds, their nests and their babies. And I am making mental note of every spot we come across on our hikes where wild strawberries and raspberries are growing.

    Have the most wonderful weekend Karen.

  3. I felt like I was actually seeing these things you describe. Enough details to take me to that place when you saw them. Thank you and hope your weekend is just as nice!

  4. Beautiful moments for sure. I caught a glimpse of our neighborhood wood pecker this week, in our Pennsylvania maple, snacking on the ants that has colonized the one fallen trunk. I've noticed the abundance of wild strawberry flowers growing in our yard. I've been teaching my daughter to thread lightly so we can harvest them instead of squishing them. I've also noticed a significant increase in pollinating insects everywhere on our land : The promise of plentiful bounty.

    Wishing many more wonderful moments in the upcoming week,

    Yanic xo

  5. Beautiful Karen. I ate the perfect watermelon too. I love this time of year with all the fresh fruits and vegetables, now if the humidity would just go away.

  6. Hello dear Karen!

    How lovely it is to have a few moments to pop over and read your latest posts: I've missed that.

    Reading your words here makes me think that we've been noticing and eating very similar things although I have eaten avocado and watermelon at the same time :-)

    Happy Friday to you,


  7. Sometimes it's better when you don't have the camera, don't you think? Not better for sharing, maybe, but better for remembering. I forget so many details when I think I can rely on a photograph to remember it all.

    I'm noticing the light changing more and more, the later sunsets and longer days, and how green and alarmingly jungle-like my backyard feels these days. (If this ankle would hurry up and heal I might be able to get out there & weed...) xo

  8. That's a very nice list Karen! We just bought our first watermelon of the year yesterday, it is delicious! There is a woodpecker in the woods behind our house and he's a very loud little fellow. I've also noticed more bluebirds and blue jays in our garden and lots of things seem to be growing by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately that also includes weeds and the caterpillars eating my kale... ;-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I enjoy reading your lists. We're treated every morning to lovely birdsong. The jasmine tea plant is blooming and providing a wonderful scent. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Noticing: The silky sweetness of tea on my tongue, that feeling that comes with clearing out the clutter from a much loved but neglected space, the warm musk of a sleepy child in my arms, sun on my face, stillness in the house... so much to see and love, isn't there, friend!

  11. I have noticed that my tomato plants have grown about a foot in the last 2 weeks since it's getting warmer. They also have blooms which mean tomatoes soon, I hope. I might try watermelon and avocado together just to see what it tastes like. You never know until you try............

  12. lovely! every day i notice new thing blooming in our yard, and also along the sidewalks I walk each day. Lots of birds at our feeders lately too..... we have had some woodpeckers also- a male and a female (at separate times) so I have hope that maybe a wee baby woodpecker will make an appearance later this summer

  13. I am so excited for you to get to finally enjoy things blooming after that long, crazy winter! And I sometimes have to just memorize pictures too, and sometimes they're better that way:)

  14. noticing Hummingbirds at our feeder in Chicago! Hooray.
    Noticing that the cottonwood trees are very late with their snowy shed

  15. Enjoy your walks and the avocado, Karen!
    btw, the snails in my hand on the photo we posted today are full! i collected these within 3 minutes on our terrace after the rain. the amount of snails in our garden this year is insane!

  16. Have a great weekend, Karen. I just enjoyed using those photo cards from your giveway a while back;thanks again as I'm sure the recipients will love your pictures too. I've been noticing all the flowers in bloom here and feeling very lucky.

  17. A lovely thing to do, noticing the moments. I enjoy being outside waiting for the bus with my oldest in the morning and listening to the birds, noticing what looks different in the yard. The irises are finally blooming, although one patch has no buds at all (why? it's a mystery). This morning's 4th dose of amoxicillin appears to be the one that has turned the corner on my throat--it's finally feeling not-as-bad. A lovely thing to notice. :)


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