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This week has been slow and easy.  I've been thinking about future knitting projects, all in my head, nothing written down as of yet.  Daydream knitting is just as much fun as real knitting.  The above yarns are purl soho line weight (desert blue) and madtosh - tosh merino light (vanilla bean colorway).

I know they will be future shawls or cowls.

I thought I'd share with you the tote bag I bought.  I purchased charcoal because my spring jacket is RED and the kiwi green bag that I really really was atracted to something fierce would make me look like a Christmas themed person. I think about these things. 

As you can see there is lots of room and lots of pockets for everything :) an organizer's dream come true. 

I brought both of my shamrock plants back from the brink of death this past month.  They seem to be picky about how much water they get and how much sun they get.  Go figure.  I wish I had a green thumb like my dad and my sister, but sadly I don't.  I have knitting hands - so now the shamrock plants and I have a rhythm to our days.  They love being on my window sill and the love that I remember to water them :)

I am caught up with family adventures for many days and have limited time to blog read, please know as soon as my schedule permits, I'll be visiting and commenting. Family adventures are the best kind and I'll be sharing with you soon!

I hope you have wonderful weekend!


  1. That bag looks perfect and I'm already trying to resist ... but my birthday is coming up. You do indeed have knitting hands, and now also blooming shamrocks. Enjoy your weekend and family adventures!

  2. I love the bag and have it in my cart. It sometimes takes me days to decide on something, but I see this bag in my future, too!
    Shamrocks remind me of my dear mother. Enjoy your family weekend!

  3. I do love handy pockets which is why I still use my LeSport Sac instead of a nice purse. And yes, charcoal was a good choice since you have that pop of red. Have lots of fun w/the ohana.

  4. Look at those gorgeous yarns! I love all the pockets in that tote bag, too :)

  5. Ohhhhhh! That new knitting tote is AWESOME!!!!

    Have a great time with the family. We'll all be here when you get back. :::wink:::

  6. I love that tote bag!!!! Enjoy your weekend Karen.

  7. Vanilla Bean is my favorite MadTosh color. I have a skein in fingering weight that I keep trying to decide what to use it for. Love the bag, perfect for all kinds of lovely knitting WIPs. Have a wonderful weekend Karen!

  8. I love bags that help me stay organized, yours is a great one. Your yarn has me drooling, such beautiful colors! I'll be on the computer a lot less these next few weeks too, since my mom arrived here last night. Right now everybody is still in bed, so I'm enjoying a quiet cup of coffee and some me time. :-) Have a fabulous weekend!


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