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Hello!  How was your weekend?  Are you enjoying your extra hour today?  I am.  Well it feels like this day is lasting forever, but since time goes so quickly anymore, I'm okay with the foreverness.  Yesterday we drove to Delaware to visit our daughter and son in law.  I had a lot of fun.  We had lunch at their place then shopped at the 'big' mall and later headed out for dinner.

Driving home was tricky in the dark and the GPS gal was being a little bit difficult.  She likes to sometimes omit street names.  So there were two wrong turns.  Do you remember when we used paper maps???  Now that was tricky, especially if I was the one reading the map.

I finished the third Gamache mystery last night (Cruelest Month by Louise Penny) and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I'm chipping away at Alias Grace, I do adore Atwood's writing style immensely.

Today, I've done all the laundry and some of the house cleaning.  I ran out of energy because I'm still recovering from my first training session at the gym on Friday.  Oh boy, I felt every single muscle that he targeted.  He mentioned he wanted to build my confidence up meaning in exercising.  I want confidence to not mind being the only female in the free weight room...

The good news is yesterday was the first time I was NOT thinking about my back!  Other body parts took precedence.  Another tiny secret - I have no core muscles and he's going to work on that.

a tidy kitchen is a happy kitchen

I started another hat for Christmas gifts, this time in worsted weight which should go quickly.

How was your weekend?


  1. Yay for a successful gym session. Don't worry about being the only female in the weight room as you're takin' care of business. Using weights makes such a big difference for your body. Good for you; you're doing good.

  2. We watched Alias Grace on TV and it was weird. I will probably read the book, too. I am working on some fingerless gloves. I have finished the first one. Your kitchen looks so homey and comfortable. I'm glad to know your exercise program is working out.

  3. That Patons wool looks so substantial and like it would make a great hat. I think I see some other colors in your knitting nest!

    And don't worry about the gym. You are doing a good thing for your body and your health, and confidence will come. Keep lifting!

  4. Isn't Inspector Gamache just the best? I am really enjoying the audio versions of the series. In fact, I will be knitting and listening to one this evening. Love and envy that tidy kitchen. As hard as I try stuff seems to magically appear. Good for you for working out at the gym. Keep lifting.

  5. I started my day watching the territory games of a group of cardinals and blue jays. Then I made a roast chicken and stuffing for supper. It really made the new house feel like HOME!

    The first few weeks of a personal trainer can be pretty grueling, but wait until you start seeing the results. You'll be absolutely amazed at what you can do.

  6. I can't decide if I'd want a trainer or not. I certainly need one -- especially for those core muscles -- but I know there's some pain involved, too.
    I want read Alias Grace before watching the series, so I'm glad to hear it's good.

  7. I am cheering from the sidelines as you embark on your weight training journey! You will be amazed at the difference it makes... in all areas of your life! You go, girl!

    Love that gray! I enjoyed a family weekend. Nothing makes my heart smile more. ;) blessings ~ tanna
    ps thank you for the BD wishes!! xoxo

  8. Yay for the gym! and for good trainers - yours sounds wonderful! Love that gray; it looks so pretty with the pink shawl, too. Happy Monday!

  9. I did so well when I had a trainer - total backslide when I stopped so I am considering returning to a gym membership too

    1. so far I am impressed with my trainer's knowledge of back injury and his thoughtfulness of the RA. I am on the right track.

  10. Our weekend was quiet and fulfilling! I am glad your back is doing even the tiniest bit better!

  11. Hooray for you and your first training session. I ignore my body which is very bad. I just count my points and work on my weight daily. Well, I shouldn't say that. I go to the barn and that is very physical work. But because I love doing it I dont count it as a workout .

  12. Your weekend sounds busy but good. I'm glad your gym time went well. My weekend was busy, and it seemed to go by really fast, but at least I got some things accomplished!

  13. Strengthening your core will help your back immensely! I had a trainer after a bad incident with my back and he helped me so much. They know what to do to make the body strong and healthy. Years ago, like maybe 20 years ago, I read Alias Grace. Atwood is such good author.

  14. So proud of you for going to the gym! I totally get how you felt about taking that first step. I'm glad you are enjoying the Gamache books, I just finished the most recent one and really loved it. I'm so glad my daughter introduced me to the series! I am now starting A Little Life which is a HUGE book and I'm sure I'll be reading it well into 2018, LOL!

  15. yay for hitting the gym.. I love how you casually slipped in the fact that you have no core muscles.. lol
    I can not even imagine driving around with a paper map.
    I have the Cruelest Month on my bookshelf waiting to be read.. good to know it's good.
    I've been hearing good things about Alias Grace the tv show.. I loved the Handmaid's Tale so much I am thinking to checking it out as well.

  16. It sounds like both of us are going to be working on our core muscles. I love working with free weights. Don't feel intimidated by the guys. The muscles are worth it.

  17. I love those Louise Penny books! My kitchen is NOT tidy right now, thanks to a teething baby b who needs cuddles all the time. Enjoy!

  18. Good luck with obtaining those core muscles! :) I'm supposed to do 300 sit-ups a day for my back but.... it's been 25+ years since my back injury & I bet I haven't done 300 sit-ups in that entire time.

  19. I watched the Netflix series of Alias Grace last week and thought it really good - superbly acted and an interesting story though I'm not sure how closely it follows the book. You have inspired me to give my kitchen a bit of a deep clean and tidy. You are right about 'a tidy kitchen is a happy kitchen' and also makes for a happier cook!

  20. So glad your back is feeling better! Glad you've found a good trainer. You go girl, both on the exercise and the hats!


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