Being Proactive

Are you ready for the weekend if you celebrate Easter?  Maybe I am as ready as I'll ever be.  I'm getting more lax the older I get on what HAS to get done.  I have my menu planned and the ingredients (at least I think I have the ingredients...).  I've had a blissful day off work doing all the things I would do on a Saturday.  Knitting, reading and more knitting.  I finished a pair of socks for me and they are delightfully speckled.  I knit my memorized vanilla sock pattern that is burned forever into the deep recesses of my brain.  Those are the patterns that I love most, the automatic ones.

Today, I'm sore from two gym sessions this past week, I'm feeling muscles I didn't know existed.  Five months have passed since I started this gym-going journey and it's been overall one of the best decisions I've made in my life.  My back still gives me some aches once in a while but it's nothing like what I was experiencing pre-gym days. 

I've done countless squats, sit ups, dead lifts, and more shoulder exercises than I'd like.  My trainer laughs at all of my jokes and so I have fun doing my sessions.  I honestly cannot imagine making the progress I've made without his expertise.  He is worth every single penny and I tell him so  - He plans the half hour sessions and I show up.  I like that a lot. 

I like feeling proactive - and so next week Mr. Frodo and I are going for a training session with the dog trainer (whom I baby sit for).  We've had one lesson a month or so ago but I need more so that I can effectively work with Frodo to resist the ever so fluffy Holly.  Wish me luck. 

Once the date was set, I felt empowered. Just like when I joined the gym.  Being proactive decreases my worries and having a professional who is knowledgeable is valuable. 

Tomorrow, my son arrives and on Saturday, my daughter and son in law arrive.  I'm excited for them to be here and for Easter to arrive.  Lent has never been one of my favorite liturgical seasons probably because it's sad and so are dreary March days.  

I will be missing my sister's cooking this weekend, she is an excellent hostess.  However, I'll be making potato salad just like she does.  As a child, I would be at both grandparent houses eating up all the deviled eggs, potato salad (I know more eggs) and sneaking as much chocolate as possible while my mom wasn't looking.  I could do this easily at the grandma's house with 17 grandchildren.  There was a lot of chaos for added distraction.

Of course I'd end up with a stomach ache!

I'm ready for:  April showers, green scenery, warmish jacket weather, leaves sprouting, singing alleluia at Mass (and the Gloria), farmer markets opening up again by the end of the month.  Oh there is lots in April!

I hope you all have a splendid weekend. 

I will be posting the weekends post on a Monday morning so as to eek out as much fun on Easter Sunday.


  1. What a nice space you have in your kitchen. I love those socks. The color rocks; it reminds me of duck egg blue. Have a lovely visit this Easter with your loved ones.

    1. Thank you for the sweater love. I tried it on and it's relaxed. I'll have to take another pic to show the difference of blocking.

  2. nothing planned for easter..Just me and my father..will cook some ham steaks, i think and thats about it.. Would love to learn how to knit baby socks, i need to try it soon..

  3. I totally agree ......choosing to use professionals can be worth EVERY PENNY! Good luck with doggie class.

  4. Those socks are delightfully speckled. They remind me of the malt ball Easter eggs that I used to love as a teen. That kitchen looks spotless and ready for company. Enjoy your family.

  5. Happy Easter! Enjoy your weekend & your family!

  6. Love those socks! Nice color.
    We don't really celebrate Easter and we'll probably be working on the house this weekend. Or on the car that broke down on us. Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

  7. Those socks are an unusual colour, very pretty. I am working today, then Emily and I are going to make Easter nest cakes. Just a slow, quiet Easter weekend for us. Your beautiful kitchen looks magazine worthy, and after reading your post I had a strong urge to make potato salad so we will be having that too! Have a lovely weekend xx

  8. Hope you have a lovely Easter with your family! I love your new speckled socks and hearing about your Easter memories :)

  9. A quiet Easter for me, my daughters are grown up (one in Australia and the other away for the weekend), so I am supervising my grandson, aged 14 he has outgrown most of the Easter activities. I have an Easter egg for him and I think my daughter will leave one for me. You are an awesome knitter, I’m a basic knitter. I tried making a hat once, and only once, it was all right but too small, so I put it in the charity bag. From your previous post, your lavender cardigan is gorgeous and I love the photo of Holly at the top of the stairs. Good luck with Frodo, try not to get stressed. From his point of view he had a wonderful peaceful home just the way he liked it, and now he has to share it with a crazy sibling! I'm sure he will be fine :-) Happy Easter

  10. I’m happy to hear th gym is working out so well for you. As for Easter planning, I told my family I am happy to set the table but if they want ford, they need to plan it and bring it. I am taking a hostess break :)

  11. Have I ever mentioned how jealous I am of your kitchen counter space? :) I'm glad the gym is helping you so much. A good trainer can make a world of difference. Happy Easter!

  12. Easter Blessings to you and yours. Wish I could ship my pups to you for some training too!

  13. Oooo, what a beautiful kitchen you have! Such an inviting space in which to work and hang out with family.
    You know, I feel the same as you about Lent (and March). I am looking forward to April and warming days and a greening garden. It will be nice to spend more time outdoors. I've already started walking in the woods, when weather permits, but I really need to make a commitment to exercise. My son would love it if I joined his gym.
    So far, our pug Elvis gets along nicely with our two kittens, but we have yet to let Presley (the boxer) in the same space with them. I am afraid it would not go well; he is way too big and rambunctious. I don't doubt that a few training classes might help him a lot. Do let us know if the sessions make a difference for Frodo and Holly.
    Your socks look cozy and so pretty; I love the color or that speckled yarn.
    Wishing you and yours a blessed and happy Easter, Karen ♥

  14. Congratulations on your success with the the trainer, for being proactive with Holly, and for those beautiful socks! Wishing you and the whole family a very Happy Easter!

  15. So happy for your good experience with being proactive!! So. much. truth. there! Our lives happen... either by choice or by chance. I love that you are making the choices. Great looking socks and I always loved the deviled eggs and potato salad, too... still do! Ha! Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Easter with your family, Karen. hugs ~ tanna

  16. Your kitchen is so inviting! And tidy! Mine is a cluttered mess right now, but that will change by tomorrow. : ) Have a wonderful Easter with your family, Karen! xx

  17. Happy Easter! Love your new socks. Nice to hear the gym and your trainer are working out for you. I definitely need to do more than yoga class once a week!!


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