Focusing on Goals

So far, April is being fickle about the weather.  I gleefully wear a spring jacket only to be shivering and quickly changing into a winter coat.  This morning, tiny snowflakes floated in the air and I'm in disbelief.  Remember when it was 70 degrees in February?  Yeah, me too. 

I'm keeping busy knowing full well that soon the weather will turn nice.

I've reinstated my bullet pages, listing what I'd like to do daily.  My April goals are: 


Yes I read, I read in the evening right before going to bed and most of the times I fall asleep.  I am carving out time during the day where I sit and read for one hour or more.  I have a book with me always whenever I go out and if I'm waiting I'll sneak in a page or two.  The best time for me to have this one hour is right before I start cooking dinner.  There is a perfect lull in the day to do it.  So instead of mindless wandering on social media, I'm reading.

Grace interviewed me over on her blog, whimsy and joy, for her Book Talk monthly series. I had fun answering her questions.  Thanks, Grace!


Oh those salads, I love them you know that.  However, when I am chilled I'd rather have gooey melted cheese on toast.  These cheesy toasts every day are a bad habit for me.  I'm making sure I have all the ingredients at the ready in the fridge so my daily salad goal is achievable and doable.  Bye bye cheesy toast for now.

where is she?


I had my dog training lesson this week and she helped me understand Mr. Frodo.  I taught him down stay previously but we are adding leave it/take it to his repertoire.  I feel confident now that I clearly understand how to go about training him. 


I've slipped in my photography in the past few weeks.  When I photograph, I am 'in the moment' and focused on being present in what I am witnessing.  Whether it's my iphone or the big camera I want to practice my photography skills and really see beauty around me. 


I have lots of sketching supplies and they sit by my table gathering dust.  I'm a wannabe artist and the thought of taking a blank page and putting a mark on it brings apprehension and doubt.  I want to be as competent in sketching as I am in knitting.  I don't blink an eye when I knit something new.  The only way to become competent is to try try try. 

I will be throwing perfectionism out the window, or at least try.  Caffeine Girl does amazing sketches that motivate me and amaze me.


Okay, certain social media.  I will always read blogs, especially yours, they add beauty to my days.  I like Instagram and have a lovely array of people who have become friends.  I try to keep my internet interests contained to certain parts of the day.  My less media goal is pertaining to the mindless checking of my phone when I have a few minutes.  This turns into more minutes and then POOF I've frittered away some time I could have been doing something more exciting.

This goal is a work in progress.

miss innocent


I tend to worry, and I worry about the silliest of things.  I know and you know that whatever I am worried about rarely if ever comes true.  I need to trust the universe!  Lately, I've been good and haven't had anything majorly pressing on my mind.  But it doesn't take much to tip my scales and boom, I'm frantic in the what ifs. 

I value all my calm days and I write about them often in my daily journal.  I'm focusing on remaining calm and appreciating the way life works out for the best. 

that blue tarp covers the holes the bear created - grr.
These goals will get me through April's fickle weather and carry me into May.  What would your April goals be?


  1. I have this Backman book on my tbr list. I enjoyed the two that I have read. I think we are all having some fickle weather this year. It's been strange! Next week we are supposed to turn more spring like... again. :)
    You have some nice goals. I really should sit and do that too. I feel really strung out with all the things going on... taking care of grandma and making sure she is getting everything she needs. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!

  2. Oh, I'd love to see your sketches someday. I really would like to be able to draw too, but well, perfectionism... I think most of my goals would be similar to yours (except the dog training), if I made a list. But at this point life feels to overwhelming to add goals to the mix. I guess you could say my goal for this month is to "keep calm and carry on" ;)

  3. Oh yes, this weather! There is nothing I can do about it, so I'm trying to find goodness in each day's weather. It's hard though. I like your goals for April. I don't really set goals, but my "word" for this year is EXPLORE (which I hope to do for real in just under 2 weeks!!). Other than that, I am learning to slow down in everything I do and really focus and enjoy what I am doing. I'm not always successful, but when I am it is amazing how much better everything is!

  4. Some very good goals. Just read Grace’s post - fun to read about your reading life. Happy Friday

  5. You've set some wonderful goals for April. One of my goals is also to read more. My reading dropped off a lot after my father passed away; I just couldn't seem to concentrate. I miss the good things that reading offers, and am now making a concerted effort to return to reading. Your Book Talk is great!

  6. Mine are of the sewing and knitting type. But I guess in life to be a better person every day. That's my morning prayer each day, to treat those I encounter with kindness. And I think I do that. Maybe I need to pray for kind feelings and thoughts about everyone. Not just those I encounter when out. Food for thought.

  7. I love your goals and your honesty! I'm winding down from worry worry worry on vacation. It is just not good for me. I'm beginning to feel like me again. Dog training is such a science and an art. Glad you found a good match with your trainer. I will go and read Grace's blog!!

  8. I read your interview this a.m., and it was so fun to read about someone I already "know."

  9. First let me say - I really enjoyed reading your interview - and have not put that blog into my favorites! My April goal is to get back to walking more - with the way the weather has been, I've not been getting out like I used to. Altho I do walk as much as I can when out running errands - I park as far from the store as possible - so I do get some walking in! I also want to get back to reading more. I used to read a lot - but then I discovered knitting! I still read each day - but not like I used to...

    Linda in VA

    1. I meant to say - have now put the blog in my favorites! arghhh!

  10. The only Spring goal I have is to continue some thorough cleaning/sorting/decluttering room by room. This may well continue into summer as I mean to savor every Spring day.

  11. I need to get my stash under control and organized, and also need to walk more regularly. Karen, I always enjoy your posts and your photos, too!

  12. Healthier food choices are a must, drinking more water and exercising more. I am also learning how to take time for myself instead of focusing on family needs.

  13. I love how well-rounded your goals are - trying some new things, doing some things better (some less), impacting others, your health and overall well-being. I've been focusing on less mindless internet, which is creating time for me to read ... and my "new" thing is to sew. April is going to be an awesome month!

  14. I really enjoyed reading your interview, Karen, and your goals... well, they give me cause to try to hone in on a few myself. Lately, it feels like I'm flying by the seat of my pants! Ha! YES, on trying to eat a more healthy diet including salads. I share your desire for something warm and gooey when it is cold; we have hopes of warmer, salad inducing weather coming our way (not today-- it's getting back into the thirties tonight). Ha! And, the limiting of social media, man, oh, man, that can be such a big time suck. I deliberately chose to stick with blogging, though it seems to have passed out of "style" with many who have moved to instagram, because "you can't choose all the seashells". ;) I'm also going to try to get back to some of my watercolors. SO much to do... so little time. Ha! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  15. Great goals! I was a Facebook junkie until recently. Suddenly, all I saw were advertisements and posts from 2 VERY politically opinionated friends who are on the other side of the fence from me. Normally political stuff doesn't bother me but their posts are just plain mean. If that was all Facebook was going to show me, there wasn't much point in me looking anymore. I can't believe how much more time I have now! ...And your photo reminded me that I've also saved time by failing to water my Christmas cactus. Oops.

  16. What a wonderful interview you had over there. This is a list of terrific goals, Karen.

  17. Those goals sound very good ! I, too, want to spend less time online, and with that my reading time should be able to improve. In fact, much as I enjoy it, I even consider giving up instagram alltogether, but it is not decided yet. Another goal is to get my diet back on track. Somehow that seems to be a big struggle here...
    Loved the bookish interview :)

  18. Those goals are great! I have the same troubles with carving out time for reading and I always say before bed I will read and then am too tired and only read a couple of pages. I did read for hours today to catch up on Eleanor Oliphant finally and finishing hopefully tomorrow. Good luck on all of your goals, they are all wonderful. I could also spend less time on social media... My goals for April are to read more too, exercise more and eat healthy, and to work on knitting the back piece of the WAG top!

  19. great goals....and a good reminder for me to set a few!!! I've really enjoyed a couple of the photography classes I've taken through Craftsy. I think of that as a handmade site...but there are a bunch of wonderful classes, too. Something to think about!!! (LOVED Anne Lamott's book!!!)

  20. Several years ago, I followed someone's example to set goals in different areas each year instead of resolutions. It just felt like I was being kinder to myself. Now a days, my world sort of explodes from Jan-April and I'm thinking April/May is a good time to revisit goals. I like this monthly goals idea, and as I look back, some of my fall/early winter goals will be to prepare better for the upcoming crazy season we experience in our house. Thanks for the motivation and the great examples. And I totally share the social media issue. I unfollowed several folks over the last year or two... either I didn't like the way their posts affects me, or they were filling up my page with invitations to play games or 25 posts a day that I didn't need to read. Proud of those days that I don't check what everyone else is doing...


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