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I've just realized that all of my knitting projects are big knitting projects, does this mean that I should cast on a small project?  Hmm.  I wonder.  My Holey shawl is a fun knit.  I already have the pattern memorized, which is truly one of the wonderful facets of knitting.

I'm on the second sleeve of my sister's cardigan!  Drum roll, trumpets blaring, all the fanfare that a sweater close to being done deserves.  I love knitting this sweater and especially for the bestest sister I could ever have in the whole wide world!  Yep.  She reads this blog and she knows how special she is.

I predict this sweater will be done in a week.  Phew.

I haven't been knitting much on my last project, Dusk at Elk River Shawl.  However, last night I did about six rows and am nearing to the lacy portion of the pattern.  I'm excited to get to the intricate part and I also think I need switch over to some longer knitting needles.

I started The Brothers Karamazov yesterday as I announced a few posts ago on the blog and so far it's an easier read than I expected it to be.  Let's hope it stays that way.  I'm also reading A Trick of the Light  by Louise Penny.  That is a comfort read and I'm thoroughly enjoying every minute I'm in Three Pines.

What are you knitting and reading this week?

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  1. I really wish I could live in Three Pines. Well, except for all the murder.

  2. The sweater looks great! I love the color, it looks like it can be worn with a lot of other colors, but it's not too neutral either.
    The holey shawl looks interesting. Lovely light colors.
    I'm still knitting my cardigan and reading some very lightweight cozy mysteries (Kitchen witch, by Morgana Best).

  3. Adding length to the poncho as I read...blogs. That's about all I "read" anymore. No books for me.

  4. All your projects look so good! Love the yarn for your shawl...that will be gorgeous. I love all the Inspector Gamache books and would love to live in Three Pines.

  5. You might need to cast on a new small project, especially since you'll be finishing your sister's sweater soon. I love your Dusk at Elk River shawl - the name and that gorgeous color!

  6. I think you need to cast on a sock!!!

    I just quit my current book. I was reading The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club. It is awful. The writing is like a fourth grader telling you what he did on his summer vacation. UGH!

  7. I just love the color of this cardigan, Karen.
    We are having our first few days of spring (maybe summer, because it's actually hot today), so no knitting/crocheting or reading, but lots of gardening and time outside with my camera. Love it!!
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. Kudos to you on reading that book. That would be a snoozer for me. What fun you're having making intentional holes in your newest shawl.
    I'm glad you like Stranger Things. It is suspenseful for me. I like seeing Winona having a good comeback. She is nailing her mom character.

  9. The book has good reviews on Goodreads. I've nearly finished The Tenderness of Wolves (very good), and back working on my dolls house.

  10. Why not cast on a small project? I like to have something small I can throw into my purse as I leave the house. Your other projects are as beautiful as you are. Keep on knitting through spring showers.

  11. After a series of shawls that were big, I've put my poncho in a time out...possibly a frog out. I'm dishcloth knitting as you know. I need some instant grat. Reading...There is a book the barn put together about the history of their mission and program to help the disabled. I'm reading that. It is inspiring.

  12. I am working on some bed throws for the Grandchildren, easy makes but big ticks of the never ending list.

  13. First of all, I LOVE your blog banner! It's so beautiful! And of course, I love all of your knitting projects. I hit a snag last night in my never ending cowl, I miscounted the stitch pattern and am in the process of removing the row. I thought about leaving it but I am such a perfectionist that I couldn't bring myself to. I SO want this project to be a success!

  14. That's going to be a gorgeous sweater. Love that shawl also. I'm working on a scarf and some socks at the moment. And I got the strangest knit request yet on Tuesday! I just finished Left to Tell by the survivor of the Rwandan genocide along with The Given Life by a women from our church who was a missionary there for 10 years.


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