Changing the Dialogue

new peace project

Another week has come and gone and I did my very best to stay in vacation mode.  I'm not sure I succeeded.  I didn't knit nearly as much as I would've liked nor did I read as much.  So today after the gym and after a quick tidy of the main floor, I'm scrutinizing my schedule and squeezing out the wasteful habits.

My joints have been intermittently bothering me because of the heat and humidity.  I usually declare 'I hate summer' or worse 'I wish summer was nearly over'.

I'm working at changing the dialogue that runs in my head.  I want to enjoy summer the best way I can.  For instance, I went to the gym an extra day (usually a babysitting day) to walk on the treadmill in AC and thoroughly enjoyed the comfort of modern technology while reading my Kindle.  A new habit and I was happy.

I do not want to wish away an entire season!

Changing the dialogue also means I need to be more flexible and accepting while I have a mini-flare up or I just feel tired.  I am working on giving my body the extra rest and being patient.  I know this is temporary and it doesn't define me.

After finishing that big shawl, I am seriously considering making a blanket for my son for his apartment.  In the fall and spring, his heat doesn't quite kick 'on' and he freezes.  He has radiator heat and doesn't have thermostat control.  I gave him a few afghans laying around my house but I thought one that is made just for him would be nice.  I have some deep deep stash yarn that is wool-ease yarn.  Machine washable and dryable is a feature needed for blankets. Once I make one for him, I'll make one for my daughter and son in law.

I tend to make blankets in the summer.....I know crazy!  I'm pretty excited about casting on.

Okay, onto the winners.  YES,  WINNERS! 

I decided yesterday to pick two winners instead of one.  Why?  Because, we all need some love.

The winners of the giveaway are:



  1. Your Peace Cowl, day lilies, blanket plans, and new attitude are all wonderful!

  2. The Peace Cowl is an excellent idea... and it would make a lovely Christmas gift! And, THANK YOU so much for the pattern! This one will warrant getting new yarns for! XO

  3. oh those day lilies! and I always love to see Frodo. Your new dialog sounds like a winner ... have a great weekend!

  4. Last winter I tried to change the dialog in my head as winter and I just don't mesh. It worked as I had time to go out on good days and find cozy things to do on less desirable days. Having a puppy will change all that for the better (methinks!). I wish Frodo and Mylo could meet in person. For sure they would be good friends.

  5. Love your dialogue! And, congratulations to the winners!!

  6. This is a good thought, changing the dialog about summer. I'm not sure I'm there yet...

  7. Yippee for the WInners!!! IM happy you are trying to make amends with summer. I have to take a cue from you come MARCH

  8. Changing the dialogue is such a good idea. I have been stopping myself complaining about the weather when we have dull days. I love seeing photos of Frodo and Holly, I’m so glad they are friends at last. From previous posts, your True Colours shawl is absolutely gorgeous. I make lap quilts in the winter, the first one will be for my daughter in Australia. I've taken up painting again and have the art school Paint & Draw book as well, it’s very good. Congratulations to your winners.

  9. That certainly was a nice surprise in my Ravelry in box this morning. Thank you SO, SO much!!!!

    Hope that the a/c helps you to feel better soon. I'll admit . . . it's been a rough spring/summer for me. Hopefully both of us will get back on the healthy track real soon.

  10. I love how you're knitting for you son! I'm sorry your joints are bothering you.

  11. I like your thinking on this. I usually hate summer because of the humidity and heat on our area. I am trying to just be in the moment and not wish it away. It would be lovely in]f I had a pool in the back yard, but we do have one or the neighborhood, so I could visit it. Just not very private.

  12. The peace cowl is going to be pretty. I love the yarn. I am sorry your joints are bothering you. Rest and refresh - take good care. No matter how tired, headache-y, and out of sorts I am, walking and knitting make me feel better. And if I am honest, walking first. So glad you can get out to the gym with AC. What would we do without it?

  13. I keep thinking about this post. Whatever the worry or fretting, I love the idea of changing the dialogue.

    1. It's not easy for me to change the dialogue but I do like believing I can do it.


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