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Last weekend while I was knitting with my friends, I had yarn envy.  Serious yarn envy.   One of my friend's shared a current project on the needles and I fell in love with the soft cotton linen blend.  Three days later after a gym session, I drove to my LYS to purchase some of my own.

The yarn is Nettle Grove by Plymouth yarn.  While waiting for Wednesday (yarn shopping day) to arrive, I spent tons of time on Ravelry checking out summer tops to knit, for me.  

I chose Night Sky as my summer top to knit.  

The Dr Who hat is looking pretty good as I add the yarn in a semi purposeful way.

The past week has been a fantastic gym week.  I challenged my body and feel stronger.  Of course my back is still sending me nasty messages but they are much quieter and I do get to knit now.  When knitting I can ignore a lot.

Every time I strain my back I swear I will never take for granted my pain free days.  My pain free days arrive and -poof- gratitude goes out of my mind.  I do this over and over again.

It's just like the electricity, I value the convenience of modern amenities when they are missing in my life.

I never took for granted my RA doctor who I saw a few days ago.  He will be retiring in February and that makes me sad (for me).  I don't know who will be my new doctor yet, I'll find out in January when I see him for the last time.  I met him when I was merely 33 years old.  I had a multitude of tests to rule out other conditions then the medicine options available to me.  He gave me back my quality of life.

I've known him for 20 years!  We talk not only about my health but our families and life.  I will miss him but I'm happy for him.  He is retiring in good health and has lots of hobbies to keep him busy.

I never take for granted that giddy feeling I get when I start a new knitting project.  I love the excitement, the anticipation and casting on.  Starting a new novel is the same for me, brand new book smell (assuming it's not a Kindle!) and entering into a new storyline. 

Last of all, I will not take for granted all of you dear readers.

I was informed about two west coast blog readers who were on my blog commenting and found out that they loosely know of each other through a relative.  They are going to meet for lunch.  How cool is that?

Some of you have been long time readers, some of you only just started to read my blog.  Some of you comment frequently and then there are those people who read and keep silent.

I used to be a silent reader, for many many years.


  1. I'm glad you aren't a silent reader any more! :-)

  2. I completely understand your yarn envy; now I'm suffering from it, too!

  3. Glad to hear your back is getting better. Hope the new doctor will be a good one too. With chronic diseases having someone you know and trust is so important.
    That will be a lovely top!

  4. That Nettle looks like a perfect yarn for summer knitting in Georgia - thank you for planting the idea ... and sharing your lovely photos and thoughts about taking things for granted. Let's make a pact that you will not take no back pain for granted, and I will not take walking for granted!

  5. Your summer top choice is just perfect and I love the yarn, but I'm happy with my projects at the moment. I'll watch your progress with joy!

  6. There is a little yarn envy going on here too. It is hard to change Doctors, particularly over the years you have become friends. But, on a positive note change can be a very good thing bringing a change of drugs and a different point of view. It has worked well for Gerard, a few teething problems whilst personalities are checked out. On the whole it is working well. We were a little concerned to start but have embraced change and are feeling the benefits. Stay strong.

  7. Lovely new project (that color!!!) and now I have yarn envy too. and I'll be hitting a yarn store (or 2) tomorrow with Dee. Hmmmmm....So glad you are able to knit comfortably again. Have a wonderful, yarny weekend!!

  8. That yarn is gorgeous! I also love your project bag. Where did you get it if you don’t mind saying?

    1. my sister made it for me! Isn't she the best?

  9. Ooh! I've got yarn envy too! Your top is going to be beautiful and the hat already is.

  10. This is a lovely post! I think your top will be lovely - I like so many of her patterns.

    I used to be a silent reader too, and sometimes I still am. But I find a lot of the time I enjoy commenting.

  11. Oh the hat!!!!!! Gorgeous. I love commenting. :) Of course i dod

  12. My heart goes out to you, Karen, when it comes to losing a doctor you've known for 20 years. I just recently lost my PCP who has helped me so much with my fibromyalgia. I'm now seeing the NP that I see once a year for my woman's wellness exam and she has already taken me off two medications (not fibro related meds) so I'm thinking we will get along just fine. I trust that in January when you find out who your new doctor is that you will bond also over time.

  13. Now you have me thinking that I should start looking for a summer top to make as we will be traveling to Saratoga, NY where there is a great yarn shop. You have given me yarn envy now. I hope you like your new doctor. As I get older, I hate that some of my doctors are retiring and I have to make a change. It is so easy to take for granted the days that you feel well. I have chronic bursitis and if I keep up with my exercises I can keep the pain at bay, but when I don't I need to get a cortisone shot like I did yesterday. I have to learn to make time for those exercises instead of just enjoying the pain free days.

  14. I am hoping I never take for granted the stash and ability I have to create from it with my hands. I can't imagine a life not spent creating!

  15. Oh I had that issue all the time when I first got back on IG. All of the indie dyers made me drool and ppl posting they bought this and that. Now I shrug. I love yarn but it will always be there. I need to seriously knit from stash as much as I can although that's a big problem for heavier weights as most are single skeins. And that is why I also am knitting more shawls b/c of the all the sock yarn I have which are easier to mix and match.


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