Summer Blues

I've decided to focus mainly on the above project in the evenings.  Each day I place a new marker to see how much I can knit and feel like I'm not swimming in endless knitting.  This technique works for me (you should try it).  I've added more than 12 inches in one week.  I'm determined to finish something soon.

Once August shows up and back to school sales are popping up (paper, pens oh my!), I become wistful for the fall season.  I've made a resolution to not wish away any season.  However, I'm challenged every single summer season.

My mother used to get the 'winter blues' at the end of February, she'd exclaim her hatred to winter, snow, the dark days etc.  I would be in my glory, loving the snow, the dark and yes all the wintry blah-ness.

I have the 'summer blues'.  I'm tired of wearing capris, sandals and being hot.  My sinuses hate going from heat and humidity then AC.  (But God bless AC!).  In complete defiance I made chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese on one of the hottest days.  My husband thought I was crazy, maybe I am. 

My mother would be smiling when the temps reached about 90 degrees and the house I grew up in did not have AC.  As a teen, I'd be draped over some kind of furniture wilting and sweating and complaining while she was humming a happy tune thrilled to be warm. 

I'm not patient but I am in control of happy thoughts and focusing on the benefits of summer.  My husband has two weeks off and we have no plans except maybe an occasional day trip.  He will focus on detoxing the stresses of his job, I will focus on what can we cram into a day.

When I'm outside during the day, the cicadas and locusts are deafening.  When I hear them I get excited knowing we are in mid summer.  My acorns are ripening and the first leaves of my maple trees are starting to drop. 

I'll never like summer, but I like remembering my mother in the summer.  She made the best iced tea by the buckets full all ready in the frig for our family.  She worked on cross stitching in the summer but still drank hot tea every night for the evening news. 

The Holly and Frodo update: 

Lately Miss Holly keeps to the dog-free zones during the day which makes for a quiet day.  Holly loves to knock her ball down the steps.  Dink dink dink, down the steps making all sorts of noise.  Frodo hears the ball and yet doesn't budge from his under-the-ottoman-nap.  I'll go and throw the ball back up the stairs and we play the game a few times. 

Sometimes she'll meow and that means I need to go and give her a neck rub for a few minutes.  She loves to sleep during the day in the little bathroom on the bath mats.  Sometimes she'll walk by Frodo sleeping and stop and lay a spell near his ottoman. 

When either of us approach her, she doesn't run away anymore (very skittish and God knows what she endured her first 8 weeks of life).

She will be one year old in October, Frodo will be nine years old in October. 


  1. I am weary of so many days (and nights) of hot weather. It saddens me to see my gardens looking so sun-baked and tired. But, I watch the busy bees and the butterflies and I find great joy in these summer days.

  2. I love summer. but I think our summers are different from yours. We've had a 'real' one this year, but normally we only get a few hot weeks, the rest of summer tends to be rainy and quite cool. The good thing about moving to a tropical island will be all year summers, but I think I will miss the changing of the seasons. My husband thinks seasons are overrated though. We'll see how things work out when we're actually living there.
    This year we did skip winter for the most part and I don't really mind, though I sometimes feel disconnected somehow...
    Great to hear that Holly and Frodo are settling in a life together!

  3. I, too, am so tired of the heat and humidity this summer. I did see, though, that temps should moderate some this weekend...looking forward to that. Nice progress on the knitting front and great shots of Holly & Frodo. Nice that things are calming down on that front.

  4. You've made quite a bit of progress on your knitting project in a week's time! Good for you for doing the marking so you can see how productive you been! I hope your husband is able to detox from his stressful job...he will love retirment whenever that time comes. Hope the two of you have a lovely two weeks! Always enjoy the Holly and Frodo updates!

  5. Like you, I try not to wish the seasons away, but I really do not like summer. I try to think about how yummy the fruits and veggies are, and how much I love to go to the beach. But I am never sorry that summer is over. I'm so glad the pets are becoming friends!

  6. So nice to see your to furry friends getting on so well together, Holly and Frodo. You have done so well to get 12" done in such a short time.

  7. Progress keepers are a wonderful, aren't they? I find using them keeps me motivated. I'm with you on the hot weather...give me winter any day....or at least fall!

  8. My +Aunt Karen loved the summer and heat! I love swimming in summer so I don't hate summer, but I love a cold snowy winter with sunshine, like I had in Ottawa. It's wonderful, those memories of your Mother! Contentment is not always easy, is it?

  9. Such sweet pets. They make our days wonderful!

  10. Like you, I don't want to wish away any days, but I am so looking forward to autumn. We live on a hill and looking down over all those colorful trees of fall ........oh my.

    Miss Holly could NOT be any cuter. She has the sweetest face.

  11. Holly has really grown! I love reading how she's settled in ... and settled down.

  12. Oh I love summer! March just kills me here. I treasure every time the hummingbirds fly to the feeder. I love the frozen ice and custards in the summer. We live in a tourist town so many friends come up for the day because its great fun on a lake in Summertime. I love paddleboarding. Mostly I LOVE sleeping with the windows open and knitting with the HEAT

  13. I love summer although I don't particularly enjoy the heat. This year's humidity has been BRUTAL and I can not wait for September's cooler temperatures. I went to Walmart last night/this morning when I got off work and saw they have candy corn displays out. I can not express how excited I was to see them.

  14. I loved summer growing up in Michigan but can't stand it here in Florida. IT is just too hot and humid to go anywhere. I am over it! I love Autumn but there is non of that here either. I know, I need to move!

  15. The shawl is coming along. The stitch marker method of marking progress is a good one. I've used it a time or two. I am trying to savor the summer days although I much prefer cool Autumn and cold Winter. August is my least favorite month of the year but I am trying not to wish the days away. I do love the fresh fruits and veggies. Little Miss Holly is growing up.

  16. Wow! I can't believe Holly will be one year old soon. How time flies. I get cranky when I'm hot. It was hard walking in 90° heat in southern CA.


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