Savoring Time

I'm in disbelief that another week has flown by.  Where does the time go?  I miss those days as a child and a day of boredom lasted forever.  I would agonize over how slow time went.  Now I'm stunned that lunchtime arrives briefly after what seems minutes from breakfast. 

I guess when you follow a schedule that happens.  Time is fleeting, time marches on whether I'm busy or not, I want to savor the moments as they come.  I've been loving the temperate weather we've been having this week.  A little rainy, a little bit cooler and a whole lot of fall vistas where ever I look.  Finally the season of beauty!

My husband has resumed playing his guitars after a long hiatus.  I usually go up to our bedroom to read with Frodo in tow.  Holly stays downstairs (probably relishing a dog free zone) with my husband.  I lay in bed reading and here faint guitar playing.  It's nice.  

Everyone should have a hobby and everyone should have a passion.  

My love of fall in never ending, but my allergies to fall are not so great.  I have a sinus head ache daily and keep wishing for a frost.  This will not happen for some weeks, but oh will that make a huge difference.  I have medicines and get regular allergy shots to help me along.

I balled up a skein of yarn by hand yesterday instead of using the swift and winder.  I enjoyed the feel of the wool and the rhythmic movements of making my yarn ball.  The yarn will become a hat for my sister.  Now to find the needles and cast on.

Another sign of fall is the deer heading to our property (better than the bear).  The closer to deer season we get, the more the deer congregate in the hunting free zone.  They are smart deer. 

So far this week I've roasted a chicken with potato and carrots, made chicken rice soup and today I made a turkey chili.  The apple pie I made over the weekend is finished but maybe I'll make another one.  Maybe.  I'm daydreaming of pumpkin pie.

black walnut tree turning yellow
I started Lord of the Flies and so far I'm just not into it.  I'm planning to read a few classics that I have not read this book being the first.  The wild boy thug mentality is not resonating with me, I hope the book gets better.  And I would definitely be like Piggy the most.  I'm a rule loving logical thinker who would rather not exert myself physically.

Have you read it?  Did you like it?  


  1. It seems that the older I get, the faster time flies! Savor your knitting time, guitar playing, and pie of any kind!
    P.S. I read Lord of the Flies in high school, and also did not like reading about the wild boy mentality. I don't want to give anything away, but I think it gets much worse.

  2. I've never read Lord of the Flies. I don't think it would be up my alley either.

    I was reading a book and it got so bad I walked over to the restaurant trashcan and threw it away. Yikes! That was a week of reading wasted. LOL

    Some books are just not worth continuing. Lord of the Flies might BE one of those for you.

  3. I read that book in high school, would not choose to read it now! life is fleeting, read that which gives you joy and don't push yourself to read what others say you should be instead read that which gives you life, hope, encouragement, perspective, for your path in this life! :)

  4. Oh meant to add that I like handwinding yarn as well, did so today! :)

  5. I have tried more than once to read LOTF and just couldn’t. I hated it and I am an English major who read pretty much anything. For some reason high school English teachers love certain books and they are now part of the canon for no good reason that I can see. Gatsby is another one.

  6. oh that colour for your sisters hat..... love!
    we read that book as a set book in high school.. i think i still have it on our bookshelf

  7. I only faintly remember Lord of the Flies; there is a movie for that book too. Love that your husband plays the guitar! That's an instrument I'd like to learn. I like this new yarn, especially its color.

  8. I agree with the other comments on LOTF, and if you don't enjoy it, just toss it aside ! There are always more books to read than there is time, so why go for something you don't like ?
    No sure if it's 'just' schemes that make time fly... As a kid there could be endless boredom indeed, but the biggest difference with my adult life is, I think, that I didn't have to do so much. No housekeeping, deciding what to cook for dinner, actually fixing dinner and all such things....

  9. Smart deer are so beautiful! And, I too love the process of winding yarn by hand - it is one of my favorite things to do!

  10. I read Lord of the Flies in school and did not like it at all, in fact, I still can't figure out why they had us read such a book! You are right about time, this month has slipped by so quickly! I really want to savor each and every day.

  11. I read Lord of the Flies in high school then again in my 40's thinking I'd missed something in my youth. But nope, it was still a horrifying book. Every time there's a tragedy that results in looting or a march or protest that results in violent mob mentality, I'm reminded of that book. I'm glad you have your knitting and pie to take your mind off it. :)

  12. Love the colour of the yarn for your sisters hat. Since taking early retirement we often say we wonder how we ever found time to go to work.

  13. Great hat color choice. I usually wind by hand using achair. I have a swift, but I haven't pulled it out lately. Rainy and cold today. I dont mind.

  14. Bright purple yarn is a great choice for a hat. I wind all of my yarn by hand. I've never had a swift or ball winder. I like the process and it helps me get to know the yarn a little better. Deer always look so graceful in a landscape. We've had some beautiful early fall weather too.

  15. I've read Lord of the Flies in high school and hated it. It made my stomach turn at what those boys do to one another - not my cup of tea at all. I recall thinking that I wish I had not read it. I'm a fairly sensitive person so cruelty of any kind to animal or human affects me quite a bit. On a happier note, love your yarn color choice for a hat. I far prefer a hand wound ball of yarn, somehow it feels nicer ;)

  16. I wonder if time goes faster when you have a schedule?
    I loved Lord of the Flies when I was a teen, but I reread it a few years ago and I didn't much enjoy it. In the shadows of the Supreme Court mess, I don't think I want to immerse myself in a place with out-of-control boys.

  17. Loving all your knitting! I was happy to not see a bear while in the wilderness of Colorado! LOL But we did see many antelope, big horn sheep, deers, and black squirrels!!

  18. Sorry about the allergies love. Fingers crossed for an early frost.
    It has been so long since I have wound yarn into a ball by hand. It sounds sound relaxing. I should give it a go soon.
    I love listening to someone playing the guitar. My dad used to play along with quite a few boys I dated. Now, I am not saying I only dated them because they played guitar but it was a big factor. :)

  19. I have a ball winder but still actually do them all by hand. I like to get the feel of the yarn and I like to see if there are any knots. We have deer here and I just love to see them. Lots of babies lately.


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